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Part II – Is your iPhone making you sick?

14 May

Last month I posted an article about a co-worker, who didn’t want to be mentioned by name, who thought he drank some “bad” water outside of the United States. We have good news, it’s not the water! He had blood work done and it all came back negative. However, he did attempt to use his phone […]

Is your iPhone making you sick?

14 Mar

About a week ago, one of my co-workers, that would rather not be identified, was feeling dizzy and lightheaded. He mentioned it was hard for him to explain the feeling and thought it seemed like vertigo. Within the past few weeks, he has returned from a trip traveling outside the U.S. and thought maybe the […]

Time for vacation…

20 Aug

Most of us have worked hard all year long and will be enjoying (or already have enjoyed) some time away from the office at some point this summer…I hope. My wife is a beach bum. Although I’m not a huge fan of baking in the sun all day, I do enjoy a chance to recharge […]

Digital Commerce is Taking Over

8 Aug

I received an email earlier this week from my bank informing me that they were hijacking the PayPal idea and allowing me to send money to individuals anywhere and at any bank via their SurePay Service. This got me thinking, my generation will likely be the last generation to see and use paper checks. I […]

Communication: Texting vs. Emailing

20 Mar

So as a recruiter I am always trying to think of creative ways to get in touch with good people. Nothing will ever compare to meeting someone face-to-face or having a good conversation on the phone. The trick is getting to that point. With the advances in technology over the past few decades, there have […]

iPhone Tricks

7 Feb

So in my last post I talked about being the family gadget guru/the tech problem go-to-guy and I also shared where to go to find answers (in case you aren’t the guru in your family or you don’t have a guru in your family). In this post, I thought I would take it a step […]

Who is the gadget guru in your family?

6 Feb

Help, I have an iPhone. Sound familiar? There is one in each family –  a so-called gadget guru (the family member that fixes nearly everything from phones and printers to computers, tablets, etc).  It doesn’t matter how big or small the problem is or what the request might be. The person in need typically doesn’t […]

Apple’s Dominance

27 Jun

An article published on BusinessInsider.com after the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference reinforces the idea that Apple wants to dominate the personal technology market. Apple is intentionally ignoring the business world because they know adoption will come naturally through end users. This continued aggressive approach by Apple to release new products and software that are proprietary started to peak […]

To iPhone 4S or not?

19 Oct

I converted to the iPhone several years ago when the iPhone 3G came out. My then fiancée convinced me to replace our monthly plan with a family plan so that we could save money. Compared to the flip phone that I used to own, I loved my iPhone 3G the moment I got it. I was […]

Social & Mobile Recruiting: Beyond the Buzzwords

20 Sep

UDig is happy to have Kyle Lagunas, an HR Market Analyst with Software Advice, as our guest blogger once again. Kyle recently published an article that explores two hot topics in the dynamic world of recruiting: social media and mobile technology. As a technology staffing firm, two topics close to our hearts are recruiting and […]