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Don’t Get Left Behind – Staying Current in IT

10 Jul

We all know the IT scene is constantly changing. Advancements in technology can provide job opportunities and at the same time cause job loss. Keeping current and informed is vital to staying at the crest of the wave during your career in technology.        Always remember your career goals are a moving target. A few weeks […]

Certifications: Good or Bad?

25 Jun

A current trend that seems to be gaining a lot of steam in the IT industry is the need for certifications for certain positions. Many candidates I speak with seem to have a love/hate relationship with them. I see some that have several certifications in many different disciplines and also see some candidates that have […]

Big Data – Hadoop

22 May

One of the great things about being an IT Recruiter is that you get to keep up with some of the newer technologies and learn firsthand what skill sets are hot and are going to be in demand in the future. Even though Hadoop didn’t just come out yesterday, I have definitely seen an increase […]

Calling all 2013 IT grads…the job market looks good!

13 May

Spring is upon us and 2013 is off and running. Q1 was an exciting start to the year as the IT market was hot and demand for high caliber technical talent continued to build. Needs for niche specialties like mobile, big data, security, and application development continue to rise and we are seeing a strong […]

UDig Brain Dig…Marcus talks 15+ years of PowerBuilder

24 Apr

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Marcus for a little over a year and half starting when he relocated from Connecticut to work on-site at one of our top clients in Richmond. He is a true professional and is always available and happy to help out in any way that he can. He has […]

Breaking into the IT field

23 Jan

Are you unsatisfied or struggling with your current career? It may be time for a career change and IT would be a great one to consider. If you look at the Forbes’ top 18 in-demand jobs for 2013, you will see many IT positions on the list, including: Software Developers, Computer Systems Analysts, Network and […]

IT job search…no time like the present

22 Jan

I certainly hope 2013 is off to a great start for all of our blog readers. As a follow up to my previous blog on end of the year hiring strategies, I thought it would be fitting to turn the page and look forward to the year ahead. We are busy at UDig with a […]

Hot IT Skill Sets for 2013

12 Nov

What are the hottest IT Jobs for 2013? Whether you’re new to the IT game or a seasoned professional, it’s always good to know what’s hot in the job market. Coming from someone who works with a lot of companies in the Richmond, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C. areas, the most popular jobs are in […]

Agile – Making Waves in the IT Job Market

22 Oct

UDig was recently one of the sponsors of Innovate Virginia, a conference developed by Agile Richmond. Agile is quickly becoming all the rage in IT and is starting to make very large waves in the job market. Many companies have been making the transition from traditional or “Waterfall” project management into “Agile” methodology. For those […]

Most Sought-After IT Certifications

16 Oct

“Certification HIGHLY DESIRED.” We see it in job descriptions every day. We hear it from IT Hiring Managers regularly. Be it a Project Manager role (PMP), a Network Engineer (CCNA), a SQL DBA (MCDBA) or a Desktop Support Technician (A+). The IT market, though great to be in and seeming to never lack open positions, […]