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How to Become a Great Recruiter

14 Apr

I was recently reading my co-worker Jeff Bonniwell’s blog titled “Where are all the Great Recruiters?” and it got me thinking about that question. Not necessarily about where they all are, but how to become one. Before coming into this business I had heard a myriad of different clichés and negative references to recruiting. So […]

Getting to know Ashley Sanders, UDig Technical Recruiter…

11 Apr

Getting to know Ashley Sanders, UDig Technical Recruiter…

In his recent blog, Expansion, Michael LaMantia mentioned that our team is growing. Since we like to share a quick glimpse of our new team members, here is our next employee spotlight. We had a conversation with Ashley Sanders, UDig Technical Recruiter… 1- Where are you from? I grew up In Woodbridge, VA but have been […]

Importance of Networking

4 Apr

Networking has been a topic often seen on our blog and is such an important part of recruiting because the competition for talent is as high as it has ever been. The newest, greatest resumes do not just magically appear online every day. If they did, my job would be much simpler. Networking not only helps […]

Recruiting “March Madness”

28 Mar

In the spirit of the NCAA tournament, the infamous “March Madness,” I have decided to write about how being a recruiter relates to this hectic time of the year in college basketball. Whether you are a basketball fan or not, most everyone is familiar with the continuous college basketball coverage and gut-wrenching upsets coupled with […]

Reality Check on Embellished Resumes

10 Mar

One of the hardest parts of my job as an IT Recruiter is the ability to vet candidates technical skillsets. I have a business degree from Elon University and didn’t do very well in my Computer Science classes. Sometimes on the surface a candidate can appear great. They work with all the relevant technologies the […]

Working for the Little Guy

4 Mar

I’ve seen it from a number of different perspectives, and it is easy to drink the Kool-Aid. I started my career with a big name staffing company, they sold me on a dream, they brought me in, they taught me their ways, and then I realized, maybe the big guy isn’t for me. I saw […]

The Top 7 Reasons to Use a Recruiter

21 Feb

So I’m not David Letterman with a funny top ten but here are my top 7 reasons to use a recruiter: Access to great information: A good recruiter can provide insight on trends in your field and market as well as information on the market salary for your skillset. We know who is hiring, who will […]

The Dreaded Counteroffer

10 Feb

A couple of my colleagues have written blogs in the past on counteroffers. It’s a topic that seems to never go away and is a constant subject of discussion in the offices of UDig. Counteroffers seem to be popping up more than they ever have in my recruiting career. Let’s be honest - the job market […]

Comparing Yourself with a Recruiter’s Perspective

31 Jan

I recently read a study published by TheLadders, a comprehensive job-matching service, that determined you have an average of six seconds to catch the eye of a recruiter. Six seconds is an extremely short time for such a life changing opportunity. That recruiter could hold the key for you to get your foot in the door […]

The Value of a Reference Check…Reflections from a Newbie

14 Jan

When I first started researching the duties and responsibilities of becoming a Technical Recruiter, one interesting description continuously came up – “rollercoaster ride.” Every time I heard it, I just thought that people were trying to scare me away. Now that I am five months in, I understand exactly what they were referring to and […]