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Daily Stress

31 Jul

In business, no matter what industry you participate in, stress is something that just comes with the territory. Lately there has been more on my plate than I am accustomed to managing, both personally and professionally. In the last month, along with welcoming new responsibilities at work with open arms, I have moved into a […]

Enhancing your Time as an Intern

30 Jul

From listening to our UDig recruiters and sales team talk about job descriptions received from our clients, one requirement that stands out to me involves an employee having the ability to see what needs to be done and not waiting for a list of tasks from superiors. Although this seems elementary, it is a skill […]

Tips for Finding a Job

23 Jul

I have been with UDig for just over a year, as an IT Recruiter, and I often see the same mistake made by people looking for a new position. I have decided to write this week’s blog based on some mistakes I see almost every day. Here I will offer my opinion on alternative ways […]

Great Advice

22 Jul

There is no shortage of advice out there. It comes in all shapes, sizes and forms and from all kinds of people, both solicited and unexpectedly. Some people pay good money for information and messaging that can influence a life. Others are strictly isolationists, satisfied that they have all of the information that they need […]

The Power of a Question

14 Jul

It’s official- I have now been with UDig as a Business Development Manager for over a month now. In my first month, I spent a great deal of time observing colleagues, sitting in on client meetings, and trying to gather the best tactics for handling day to day life on the new job. Looking back, […]

My First Week at UDig

11 Jul

I knew that I was getting older when my birthday gifts no longer included concert tickets and a new pair of earrings but kitchen appliances and an internship. The first week in July included the first day of my internship at UDig as well as my 22nd birthday. I am a rising senior at James […]

My 1st Quarter at UDig

10 Jul

I recently finished my first full quarter at UDig and I must say that my overall experience has been very rewarding. I hit my bookings bonus for the quarter and am proud that I accomplished this in my first full quarter with UDig. I respect how UDig gives their recruiters the proper tools to hit […]

Preparing Questions for an Interview

10 Jul

Being in my position, as a Technical Recruiter with UDig, I always try to prepare my candidates to the best of my ability for their upcoming interviews with clients. I dig through old notes, research the hiring managers, send my candidate a preparation guide that outlines professional dress and ask them to prepare questions. Even […]

Getting to know Brooks Kirby, UDig Technical Recruiter…

9 Jul

Getting to know Brooks Kirby, UDig Technical Recruiter…

Our next employee spotlight is a conversation with Brooks Kirby, UDig Technical Recruiter. As we mentioned in our last employee spotlight, at UDig we have a list of guiding principles that govern how we operate – philosophies that demonstrate how we feel candidates and clients should be treated. These are all just words on paper […]

How To: Asking For a Raise

1 Jul

There are very few things in your career that can be as stressful as asking for a compensation increase. The simple act involves confrontation, negotiation and compromise. Just like any other major career decision, there are right and wrong ways to go about asking for a raise. Here are some helpful tips: Be Prepared. There […]