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A Thank You Letter

16 Apr

There have been many blogs written about the importance of the thank you note. And yes, this blog is also meant to stress the importance of sending a thank you note to your interviewer after an interview. It will also give you a greater understanding of how to reinforce your interest and position yourself effectively […]

Getting to know Tim Nelson, UDig Technical Recruiter…

15 Apr

Our next employee spotlight is a conversation with Tim Nelson, UDig Technical Recruiter. As we mentioned in our first employee spotlight, at UDig we have a list of guiding principles that govern how we operate – philosophies that demonstrate how we feel candidates and clients should be treated. These are all just words on paper […]

How to Become a Great Recruiter

14 Apr

I was recently reading my co-worker Jeff Bonniwell’s blog titled “Where are all the Great Recruiters?” and it got me thinking about that question. Not necessarily about where they all are, but how to become one. Before coming into this business I had heard a myriad of different clichés and negative references to recruiting. So […]

Getting to know Ashley Sanders, UDig Technical Recruiter…

11 Apr

Getting to know Ashley Sanders, UDig Technical Recruiter…

In his recent blog, Expansion, Michael LaMantia mentioned that our team is growing. Since we like to share a quick glimpse of our new team members, here is our next employee spotlight. We had a conversation with Ashley Sanders, UDig Technical Recruiter… 1- Where are you from? I grew up In Woodbridge, VA but have been […]

Importance of Networking

4 Apr

Networking has been a topic often seen on our blog and is such an important part of recruiting because the competition for talent is as high as it has ever been. The newest, greatest resumes do not just magically appear online every day. If they did, my job would be much simpler. Networking not only helps […]

Essential Book List

1 Apr

Have you read any good motivational or self-help books recently? I had never been a fan of these books in the past, especially since everyone, ranging from the brilliant minds to notorious reality star or murderer, can pen a book. I do often find myself stealing ideas from those who are much smarter than me […]

Recruiting “March Madness”

28 Mar

In the spirit of the NCAA tournament, the infamous “March Madness,” I have decided to write about how being a recruiter relates to this hectic time of the year in college basketball. Whether you are a basketball fan or not, most everyone is familiar with the continuous college basketball coverage and gut-wrenching upsets coupled with […]

Power of Meeting

27 Mar

I was recently talking with a candidate over the phone about a position that seemed to be a great fit for his background and the type of role that he was looking for in his next job. The conversation was going great until the call took a sudden turn when I asked him (like I […]


26 Mar

Some synonyms for expansion include development, growth, uptick, step-up, rise, proliferation, gain, increase, and boost. All of these words describe what is happening at UDig these days…in several different ways. Our northern Virginia team recently moved into a new office space and our Richmond office began a remodeling project in the last few weeks. In […]

Spring Cleaning your Resume

19 Mar

With Spring quickly approaching I thought I would take some time to write about Spring Cleaning. Not the traditional kind that you might be thinking of though. I would like to talk about cleaning up your resume. When you are going for a position there is no greater tool in your arsenal than your resume. […]