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Java, Java, Java

31 Oct

Java, Java, Java.  If you want to know what the hot technology is, it’s Java! If you want to know what to study up on if you’re new in the technology field, it’s Java!  If you want to know what companies are hiring for, it’s Java! I recently wrote a blog post on how DevOps/Automation […]

Recruiting Roller Coaster

29 Oct

As every recruiter knows, your day, week or quarter can be compared to one theme park attraction…a roller coaster, with the nausea and headache symptoms included. No two days are the same when it comes to the recruiting business, especially two ‘good’ days. It is not often one regularly makes placements day after day. From […]

The Importance of Transparency

24 Oct

One of the most important yet overlooked aspects of the recruiter-candidate relationship is transparency. I would like to talk about the common setbacks and the value added in being 100% transparent from both the candidate’s and recruiter’s vantage point. At UDig, we set the expectation from the very beginning, that during the recruiting process we […]

The Importance of Onboarding

22 Oct

So much time is spent posting jobs, recruiting, interviewing, negotiating and finally closing hard to find candidates. What is the exact process for the newbies when they start? Is the onboarding process well defined and documented at your company? There are clear benefits to having a proven and effective onboarding process, I have listed some […]

Networking Advice

20 Oct

I recently attended a conference where I had the opportunity to listen to Joe Sweeney speak. Joe Sweeney is a master networker and has used his skills to open doors that to most (including me) would seem impossible. He knows many influential and powerful people, referenced by the endorsements in his book. He’s owned and […]

What Everybody Should Do in an Interview

17 Oct

Candidates often get caught up in making sure they are prepared to answer all the right questions for an interview. However, what is often missed, is making sure you, as the candidate, ask the interviewer questions yourself. Take the time and be prepared with concerns you may have and topics that you are truly interested […]

Resume Writing

15 Oct

I want to share a few thoughts about some resumes that I’ve received over the years. It’s surprising to me that bright, experienced individuals sometimes have such great difficulty articulating their good experience in their resume. While everyone’s writing style will differ, of course, there are certain elements of any good resume which should be […]

The Importance of Keeping the Job Search Door Open

8 Oct

Most of America operates in what I like to call the “comfort zone.” By nature most people are averse to change and risk.  It’s easier to play it safe then step out and take a chance to do something great. This applies in almost all facets of life especially when it comes to your career. Why should […]

DevOps and Automation Engineers in High Demand

24 Sep

In the last 6-12 months I’ve seen a trend where about 30% of job openings in our Ashburn, VA office have been focused, or tied to, some sort of DevOps or Automation experience. This is nothing new for the West Coast/Silicon Valley area but it is a fairly new trend on the East Coast. This […]

LinkedIn and the Passive Job Search

12 Sep

Recruiting can be a tough profession, especially in a market as tight and competitive as IT. When I talk to my friends and family about what I do, their common misconception is that it is easy. They believe there are thousands of qualified people on job boards waiting to find full-time positions. What they don’t […]