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InfoPath Officially Dead

26 Aug

Last week, I attended a user group focused on LightSwitch - a newer, developer focused platform. Within the first few minutes, the presenter mentioned that InfoPath is “officially dead.” The room full of developers was filled with applause, glad to hear that the BA focused platform will no longer be required. Although, the comment made by the […]

Creating a Lasting Impression

20 Aug

When you’re in the job market or searching for your next project, it can be easy to get bogged down with countless applications, multiple recruiters calling and ideally several interviews lined up. It can be easy to overlook the extra steps necessary to make a good impression if you aren’t organized in your search. At […]

Building a Wish List

18 Aug

Working with recruiters has become the nature of the business for many candidates, particularly in the IT industry. Qualified candidates get calls constantly from recruiters across the country, trying to push job opportunities on them that they may not be interested in or a good fit for. Recruiters can get a bad reputation for being […]

Employee Retention

15 Aug

I recently worked on a new position for one of our clients where one of the duties was helping with employee retention. This got me thinking about how some companies seem to do a really good job at keeping their employees happy so they don’t feel like they need to see if the grass is […]

Just Ask

14 Aug

“Just Ask” has been my mantra for this six week internship. When anyone enters a new environment, they start a sense-making process to understand their surroundings. Being young and having rarely spent time in an office, some of the most productive conversations I have had with the staff at UDig have started from me asking […]

The Power of Relationships

13 Aug

A large part of recruiting is centered around personal connections. While finding candidates and setting up interviews is part of the process, making those personal connections with candidates and going the extra mile with relationship building, is an important aspect of the job. Think of the last negative customer experience you had. While there may […]

Where does the time go?

7 Aug

So much has been written about time management – the challenge of handling a seemingly endless To-Do list in a finite amount of time. Some approaches are obvious and agreeable, some more creative or even obscure, but the point is that time management is ultimately the result of a commitment to an individualized process. This […]

Higher Salary Good Thing or Bad Thing?

6 Aug

One of the most unstable parts of the recruiting process on both sides of the desk always seems to be the rate discussion. From the outside looking in, it would always seem that more money is always better. Why wouldn’t it be in someone’s best interest to push the envelope and get the best possible […]

Getting to know Matt Lambert, UDig Vice President of Business Development…

5 Aug

UDig is lucky to have added several great team members lately. We are thrilled to be growing the our team with people who embody our guiding principles. Our latest employee spotlight is a conversation with Matt Lambert, UDig Vice President of Business Development. 1- Where are you from? I moved around a decent amount growing up. […]

No Feedback? Join the Club.

4 Aug

We have all been there. You have a great interview and never hear from the company again. The lack of responsiveness from employers is unprofessional, but unfortunately, also common. We all deserve to hear some form of feedback, even if it isn’t positive. Most of us even want to hear that negative feedback so we […]