Leveraging Test-Driven Development

Gordon_SquareI’ve been in this industry for close to 10 years, and one of the biggest challenges I’ve found is staying on top of the latest trends in technology. There are always new technologies, processes and buzzwords to understand and translate to solving business problems.

Recently, UDig consultants have been deployed on projects leveraging a software development process called Test-Driven Development, or simply TDD. If you are unfamiliar with TDD, it isn’t necessarily brand new, but has only recently been adopted by larger organizations who heavily emphasize Agile methodologies within their SDLC.

Gordon KellyLeveraging Test-Driven Development

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Jason_SQOne morning, as part of my normal routine, I grabbed my computer bag and headed for my garage as I do almost every weekday. As I walk through the door I notice the exterior light outside the door is still on, and I immediately think to myself, “Oh man, not again!”

You see, I love technology. Whenever new products come out, I’m generally in line waiting for them, eagerly trying to find the quickest way I can get my hands on whatever the new tech is. I generally get the most excitement out of technology that will provide some sort of reprieve or enhancement to the daily tasks we take part in. It could be the latest mobile phone that is faster, bigger or better in some way, or some software, even a process, to improve the speed at which I can get my software built, tested and deployed. A web enabled, programmable and extensible hub for turning off my lights in the morning when the sun comes up is something I’m eager to jump on to see how I can integrate it into my life.


Jason FarmerThe Internet of Things (IoT)

Telling the (evolving) UDig Story

Grimm_SquareOn Friday, May 15th UDig officially launched its technology consulting delivery practice; it’s been in the works for some time and the messaging about the expansion of UDig’s service offering is really just beginning.  As UDig evolved over 14 successful years, it became apparent that our technology consultants were adding a ton of value to our clients in any number of technical and functional roles.  Whether UDig expertise has been engaged on a contract or a contract to hire basis, our clients have grown with us, trusting us to do more than just fill open roles, but to help collaboratively solve problems.

Jeff GrimmTelling the (evolving) UDig Story

UDig Expands Technical Services, Announces Consulting Practice

Press Release Blog SQ[Richmond, VA, May 15, 2015] With over 14 years of experience helping clients staff technology positions, today UDig announced it will now offer consulting services.  Based on deep technical expertise and strong implementation methodologies, UDig brings insight to clients in global industries including healthcare, financial services, retail, software services, and government.

Andy FrankUDig Expands Technical Services, Announces Consulting Practice

The Simple Difference Between a Good Candidate & a Great One

Marty sqI have had the awesome opportunity to get to spend a lot of time in different cultures and with that comes making sure to not do things that are offensive.   I made a lot of mistakes, including, shaking hands with my left hand or accidently saying the word in their language for passing gas rather than the word for kissing.  These could have been some potentially very awkward or even volatile situations, but the thing I learned was that I could turn someone from being angry to laughing it off just because of a smile.  So I kept the trend of smiling going and it has paid off.

Marty O'RourkeThe Simple Difference Between a Good Candidate & a Great One

Digging In with Andy Frank

Digging In with Andy Frank, UDig Founder SQThis is the first installment of a regular series of blog posts profiling UDig employees.  We hope this series helps you to get to know our team and understand why we dig what we do!

Today, we are hijacking Andy’s monthly CEO perspective to kick off our series at the top – with founder and CEO Andy Frank.  We recently sat down in our Richmond office’s collaboration lounge and had a little fun with our Digging In questions.

Andy FrankDigging In with Andy Frank

How to Expand Your Network

Expand Network sqIn my last post, I shared a bit about my transition to the Triangle.  Moving to a new area can be difficult and one of the biggest challenges is meeting new people. The older you get the harder it can be to get out of your comfort zone. Luckily, I had a few friends from college and high school that already lived in the area. I’ve enjoyed meeting my neighbors and hope to spend more time getting to know them.

Professionally, I’ve been able to meet the other people who work in our building. Although I knew a few people here, it’s been necessary to turn to other platforms to expand my network. Even if you haven’t relocated, these are great tools to grow your network when you are looking for new opportunities or want to explore a new field.

Rob BrinkleyHow to Expand Your Network

The Truth about Millennials at Work

truth about millennials sqThe common definition of millennials refers to those born between 1982 and 2003, now between the ages of 12 and 33, although the range can vary depending upon the source.  By 2020, 46% of all U.S. workers are estimated to be millennials, and by 2025 nearly 75%.  As a millennial myself, I frequently read articles with dire predictions regarding my generation’s impact on our future economy.   Unfortunately, many of these articles associate my generation with lazy tendencies, social media addiction and narcissism, amongst other negative attributes.   I believe many critics are the voice of insecurity, misperception, and simply nervousness, as older generations fear millennials will and can take their jobs.

Joanna CurrenceThe Truth about Millennials at Work