What to do when Consultants Overstay Their Welcome

ConsultantsYour purpose in engaging consultants was strategic with the best of intentions. You have a stable of strong consultants that you trust and have used in the past. You like their work and they have a track record of delivering projects and deliverables in short order with little instruction. You trust their engagement model and expect them to deliver when your current team doesn’t have the skillset or bandwidth.

Perhaps your experience is similar to mine, when I worked at a Fortune 500 company it was easier to get your ideas funded when you had external consultants review your PowerPoint presentation, put some cool pictures on it, and add their logo; providing instant credibility.

What happens when you start to rely on them too much and their incentives to build a larger team align with your need for more help? It feels good at the time and it’s easy. You only have to manage the performance of the team and they do whatever you say. There aren’t any employee development conversations or personnel issues to deal with as that all falls on the consulting team’s responsibility. Management is happy and things are getting done. Everything is working until the budgets in your area start to exceed your consulting budget and you have anxiety over the fact that none of your employees are building their domain knowledge or technical expertise in the areas where your consultants are working.

Andy FrankWhat to do when Consultants Overstay Their Welcome

Laid Off? 4 Steps for Getting Back to Work

LAID OFF-sqBeing fired or laid off is never easy and can sometimes be completely unexpected. Initially, the words disaster or misfortune might come to mind.  But, don’t let it get you off track, especially in terms of your career. In fact, this type of situation can be looked at as a valuable learning experience and teach you things you never knew about yourself.  Follow these 4 steps to getting back into the job market:

Devin SidhuLaid Off? 4 Steps for Getting Back to Work

Is it time to get serious about your job search?

Mike West sqIn a job market that in constantly growing it can be very tempting to take a look at what other opportunities are out there. One of the most common things I hear when I ask someone’s motivation for looking at new opportunities is that they are “always open to listening.” If you want to get serious about looking at making the next step in your career or changing paths, there are a few things to take into consideration.

Mike WestIs it time to get serious about your job search?

Are you the best in the business?

Marty SQWho do you compete with?  We are always competing against someone else. We are always trying to be better than someone else. Companies are the same way, focusing on better quality, more features, or better service. What if we showed up to work every day to be better than ourselves? To make our business the best that it can be?

Brooks McLeanAre you the best in the business?

Are you the next female CEO of a Fortune 500?

shelby sqI recently came across an article in Harvard Business Review regarding leading female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and their personal journeys to the top of the corporate ladder.  How do ambitious young women get to the top? Will it take 23 years for you to become the next female CEO of a Fortune 500?

Shelby KingsleyAre you the next female CEO of a Fortune 500?

6 Job Search Tips for Recent College Graduates

Bonniwell Sq (1)Since most college grads are 30 days removed from the place where they spent the best 4 years of their life, I found it fitting to offer up some tips to increase the chances of landing a first job.   It’s a tough transition going from full time student to business professional, and the majority of graduates are still unsure of the path they want to take with their career.  That’s okay, the first few years of your career can be spent trying to figure out what your strengths and what you enjoy doing.  The job market is competitive and you have to treat your job search like a full time job.  Here are some basic job search tips to get you started:

Jeff Bonniwell6 Job Search Tips for Recent College Graduates

How Candidates can Increase Job Offers 40% and Companies can Save Billions

Referral sqCandidates who come from an internal referral are twice as likely to get an interview and 40% more likely to get the job than a candidate who was not referred internally[i]. That stat alone breaks down this issue in one sentence. Internal referrals are more effective, they cut down on cost and there is a higher chance the candidate is a better fit than someone ‘sourced off the streets’.

Writing about this as a recruiter may be counterintuitive, if executed properly the need for external staffing agencies could significantly diminish, but not many companies use internal referrals to their full advantage. Let me break down why internal referrals can make such a positive impact on a company’s production and growth.

Connor TromblyHow Candidates can Increase Job Offers 40% and Companies can Save Billions

Making a Great First Impression- Before the Handshake

Judy_sqWe have all heard the importance of making a great first impression hundreds of times in our lives. Things like have great posture, make sure you have strong eye contact and give a firm handshake are all engrained in our minds. While that all holds true, today, you must also have a clean and presentable digital profile. I would be willing to bet that most potential employers will do some sort of homework before meeting a candidate. They may look for you on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They may also just google your name. It is very important to make sure there is nothing that can be found to be deemed “questionable.”

Ryan JudyMaking a Great First Impression- Before the Handshake

Consultant Profile: Leveraging Consulting as a Stepping Stone to Full-Time Engagements

Bix SquareIn the spirit of our recent blogging on the benefits of IT consulting, I wanted to shift gears a bit and briefly highlight a success story from one of our UDig consultants. Today’s featured consultant is a Solution Developer who joined UDig last year as a senior consultant. His initial charge was to lead a complex data warehousing and business intelligence project for one of our Financial Services clients. He was tasked with the redesign of an existing SQL 2000-2008 environment helping to successfully transition to SQL 2012. Our client’s goals were specific: improve performance with the build out of a secure DW/BI solution in parallel, provide cross departmental reporting capability for their business users via an enhanced data visualization platform, and lower cost of operations through a reduction in maintenance, support, and custom development.

Matt BixlerConsultant Profile: Leveraging Consulting as a Stepping Stone to Full-Time Engagements

CEO Perspective: Do You Have a Bench?

June CEO sqAs we are changing our business model and putting more emphasis on deliverable-based, consulting engagements, I am frequently asked the question by prospects and clients, “Do You Have a Bench?”

This is a tricky question to answer. It’s not a hard question but one that requires some insight on how organizations like UDig work. From the client perspective, the bench question comes from a desire to better understand how quickly our team can ramp up to meet future business demands. They want to know what our mix of consultants looks like and do we have the expertise to deliver time sensitive, business critical projects.

Andy FrankCEO Perspective: Do You Have a Bench?