How to Self-Promote with Success

Self-promotion can be tricky.

In order to be successful, our natural course of action is to bring attention to our value. We sing the praises of our products to the consumer and boast of the superiority of our services to potential clients in order to stand out from the competition. Particularly these days, with the advent of Twitter and Facebook, self-promotion and “personal branding” has reached near obnoxious levels.

But still, it has to be done. How is self-promotion accomplished without alienating your audience? How do I convey to the Hiring Manager that my abilities far exceed any other potential candidate’s without coming across as arrogant?

In this article, Dustin M. Wax gives us 11 great ways to self-promote ourselves to success. One of the most important ones I’ve listed below.

Maintain relationships: Self-promotion doesn’t end once you’ve delivered your message. Re-contact people periodically. Let people know what you’re up to, and show a genuine interest in what they’re up to. Don’t drop a connection because they don’t show any immediate need for whatever you do — you never know when they will, and you never know who they know who will. More importantly, these personal connections add more value than just a file full of prospective clients, customers, or voters.

How do you self-promote without going overboard? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Gareth Williams
Technical Recruiter, UDig

Brian LowryHow to Self-Promote with Success

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