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There is a lot of talk in the news about job market improvements. Virginia’s unemployment rate hits lowest in three years. ADP’s February job report sees 216,000 private sector jobs added. In addition to these and many other reports, I ran across some a Top 25 Jobs list for 2012 that came out in late February – five of the Top 25 Jobs listed are in the IT sector. Not only did these Technology Jobs break into the Top 25 list, but all five broke into the Top 10:

            #2 – Software Developer

            #5 – Database Administrator

            #6 – Web Developer

            #7 – Computer Systems Analyst

            #9 – Computer Programming       

As an IT Recruiter, I’m thrilled by reports like this because I know that the candidates I’m working with have great opportunities. At UDig, we get open positions on a daily basis that fall into these categories and seeing the demand increase only excites me more about what is to come throughout 2012!

-Liz Dalton, UDig Technical Recruiter

UDigTop Technology Jobs

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