Where is my Christmas card?

It is estimated that over 2 billion Christmas cards are sent each year. Using an estimated average of $1 per card including postage, that is a staggering two billion dollars spent on something that most of us throw away. While my family loves receiving photo cards from friends, cards from business associates don’t quite have the same shelf life in our house.

This year UDig decided to redirect the funds earmarked for our holiday card to a charitable contribution (I’m sure USPS and Hallmark wouldn’t want this to become a widely adopted concept).

We invited our internal employees to submit a charity that they felt strongly about or had a connection to and then we drew five to participate in online voting on our Facebook page. The five charities chosen were…

ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation

Foundation Fighting Blindness

Hope for the Warriors

Richmond SPCA

Water for People

The voting results were close but ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation came out the winner. UDig happily donated $1,000 to ASK, an organization that provides financial, spiritual, social and emotional support to over 1,000 children with cancer and their families each year. Although you did not receive a card in the mail from us, please know that we were thinking of all our clients, consultants and vendors during the holiday season and that this donation was made in your honor. We thank you for entrusting a part of your business and career to UDig and we look forward to a prosperous 2013 with all of you.

-The UDig Team

UDigWhere is my Christmas card?

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