Setting Up For Success

Since we are a month into 2013, I thought I’d review where I am with my goals and resolutions for the year. I read an article by Jeff Haden that includes a great list of eight things remarkably successful people do. Success can come in many shapes and forms and can be achieved in many different ways. It is natural to strive to achieve success in life whether in a career or personal life.

In my opinion, the best way to achieve greatness is to mirror the attributes of a person that has already proven to be successful. The best way to be a great golfer might be to seek out a great golfer and study them, find out what made them great. This not only outlines a plan for success but points out mistakes that were made along the way to avoid.

Work hard! There is no way to get around it, no magic potion. A common trait of successful people is hard work and dedication. You will find that most successful people want or strive to put in the time. It’s not something that has to be forced. If you are excited or passionate about achieving your goals then putting in the effort should be easily accomplished.

Be careful setting goals. Usually it’s the first step in outlining a plan to achieve success but setting that target can be tricky. You want something attainable but not so easy that it does not motivate. Be fluid with your goals. If you want to close 20 deals in a year and you have hit 15 by April, adjust your number and keep doing the things that brought that early success.

Always stay focused on the finish line. It’s so easy being excited and motivated early but setbacks and failures will happen along the way. Stick to your game plan and plan for success and prepare for the small failures.


UDigSetting Up For Success

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