Who is the gadget guru in your family?

Help, I have an iPhone. Sound familiar?

There is one in each family –  a so-called gadget guru (the family member that fixes nearly everything from phones and printers to computers, tablets, etc).  It doesn’t matter how big or small the problem is or what the request might be. The person in need typically doesn’t attempt to fix the issue (which is best considering they are likely to just make it worse). Instead, they go directly to the gadget guru for the QF (quick fix). If you don’t know who the gadget guru is in your family, it’s probably you! If you haven’t guessed, in my family, it is me.

You know, it’s summer time and you’re relaxing while visiting your grandfather when he suddenly makes his task bar disappear, your mother can’t locate the keyboard on her iPad, or your brother brings his computer (without anti-virus software) to you so you can take off the 333 viruses that won’t allow him to get on the Internet.

My best fix yet has been on an iPhone while visiting my in-laws. A distant relative had their new iPhone and had an issue.  Everyone said, “Aaron can fix it” or “Bring it to Aaron, he’ll get it working right” – as if I am Steve Jobs. It seems that whatever they did, the iPhone was speaking each icon they pressed and requiring them to double click as if they had impaired vision. Well, I jumped on my iPhone and rallied a few answers knowing a series of buttons would fix the problem and voilà!!!  This unnamed in-law was happy as can be – which is why this technical service works only for kudos and high fives.

If you don’t feel like being the gadget guru, here is a great place to send someone having iPhone issues or problems with any Apple product.  It’s a community of users, just like you, getting mostly direct answers:  www.discussions.apple.com

I would suggest you have them bookmark the page.


UDigWho is the gadget guru in your family?

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