The Value of Building Lasting Relationships

Following up on yesterday’s post about communicating with clients, employees, and anyone in your life, I thought I’d take it a step further and write about building relationships. And a relationship post on Valentine’s Day seems rather fitting.

In business, just as in our personal lives, strong relationships are built on trust and understanding. Common interests or common ground can often aid in the development of relationships. The small things that make a person tick – it could be fishing, hunting, reading, music, running, biking, knitting or any other thing that gets someone excited – are key elements in finding a commonality that a relationship can be built on. Once a trusting relationship is established then business (and hopefully making money) can fall into place.

We often hear that it’s not always best to do business with your friends but these are the people in our lives that provide the strongest relationships. Having grown up here in Richmond, like many on the UDig team, I have many friends that I come across in my business life. I think this is natural. In staffing, it is important to UDig for our clients, consultants and candidates to trust us. We want to get to understand their business needs, career needs, etc. It is hard to get these details without trust. In business relationships, we demonstrate our trustworthiness through honesty and knowledge sharing. Often we work close enough with these professionals that many become more than business associates but also friends.

Business relationships are built much like friendships – open honest communication, trust, dependability are all foundations to build strong lasting relationships – each adding value to the other. Find out what makes your network of contacts, employees, or clients tick – what makes them want to get out of bed in the morning.  Surround yourself with good quality people and relationships and your business should flourish.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

-Rob Grimes, UDig Senior Account Manager

UDigThe Value of Building Lasting Relationships

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