Networking events when searching for a new career opportunity

When you are searching for a new job opportunity, attending networking events is a great way to find out about possible openings in your field. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of networking events:

  • Have a goal for the event – Who do you want to meet? Who will be attending the event?  Who are the sponsors and why are they there?
  • Build relationships with attendees at the events – Bring business cards and let the people you meet know why you are there. When you meet good people, follow up with a call.
  • Career-specific speaker topics – Learn something. It’s never too late to learn about the latest topics people are talking about.
  • Choose events that interest you – Attend events that have topics of interest that attract the types of people you are interested in networking with.

Be interested in what others have to say and how you can help them with their business needs. Don’t sit in the corner. Mingle and meet people. The more people whose stories you hear, the better the event.

Whatever career path you want to pursue, everything in the end boils down to having relationships with present and future colleagues and employers. While social networking sites may have helped in expanding your social circles, meeting people face-to-face builds trust and confidence that will pave the way to better opportunities in the future.

-Rob Grimes, UDig Senior Account Manager

UDigNetworking events when searching for a new career opportunity

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