Advice for College Grads

Graduating from college is one of the more exciting and gratifying experiences that many young people go through in their lives. All of the hard work from the previous four (and sometimes five) years has paid off and you are ready to enter the workforce. You get your resume together and it is concise and professional. You are ready to start your job search and know that you are going to land your dream job. The only problem is that there are tens of thousands of others that have just graduated in your same field of study, and many are going after the same job as you. How do you make yourself stand out in a sea of young talent?

The best advice that I can give to any young job seeker is that your attitude in the interview is what is going to make you stand out from the pack. Coming right out of college, most aren’t going to have absolutely everything that a job is going to require. Many hiring managers understand that they aren’t going to find the perfect candidate for the job. The best way to make up for any shortcomings in your skill set, and to make you stand out from the guy next to you, is your attitude. Prove to the hiring manager that you are a driven, hardworking individual. Show that you are going to put in all of the time and necessary effort to become a standout employee.  Let them know that you aren’t afraid to work long hours to learn the tricks of the trade and better yourself professionally. Let your drive, determination and competitive spirit show through. There is not a single hiring manager out there that won’t be impressed by someone with the right attitude. So don’t be afraid to show the hiring manager that you are going to work harder than the other 10 people he just interviewed, it may just lead to that job offer.

-Brian Groelinger, UDig Technical Recruiter

UDigAdvice for College Grads

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