Why blog?

At UDig, we spend a lot of time and effort on our blog. It is a way for us to share knowledge and gain knowledge, share things we find interesting, and communicate with people who follow our brand. Our blog has become part of our brand and identity. There are nearly 7 million blogs out there, published by individuals, groups, non-profits, businesses, etc.

So why write a blog? A blog is a great way to position yourself as an expert. Your blog has the ability to return visitors to your website by creating readership. By having a core following of your blog posts, you will constantly have people sharing your content. They attract new visitors and brag about your stuff to everyone.

Does anyone really read the blog? People read blogs for the personal touch they offer over a magazine or newspaper and for their accessibility. Blog readers are fascinated by glimpses into different lifestyles, homes, hobbies and points of view. Blogs offer insight into other lifestyles, topics, etc.

What kind of information should the blog have in it? Blogs are the perfect place for learning from others. People like to discover if there’s a better way of doing what they do. Through blogs we can learn how others deal with hiring issues, or when to add or fire employees or what to do about carrots that won’t grow straight.

Who reads your blog? People like to know that the writer is right there, within reach and if a reader wants to ask the blogger a question they usually can and the blogger will usually reply. And often a blogger will visit a commenter’s blog and that reciprocal discussion creates a friendly feeling.

How do you get followers of your blog? Whether it’s a book suggestion, a new craft technique, or an incredible tale of bravery, people love to be inspired.

How much time should it take to write a blog? As much time as it take to create the desire for the reader to take time out of their day to read what you have to say.

Why are you writing the blog? Aside from sharing information…the Google effect. Google requires content – and lots of it. Every blog post is counted as another page. The more pages you have, the more Google trusts your site – only if you have fresh and unique content though.

Happy blogging!

-Rob Grimes, UDig Senior Account Manager

UDigWhy blog?

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