Are you writing an effective job description?

In the current job market, it seems like the pool of “active” job seekers seems to be diminishing. Recruiters have to think outside of the box and get creative in the way they source candidates. The job boards are becoming dry so it’s forcing us to have to utilize application tracking systems, LinkedIn and other social media sites as well as personal referrals to fill open positions. One tool that I find very effective and have had a lot of success in finding passive candidates are job postings.

I think any recruiter who has spent time writing job descriptions will tell you that it can be very difficult. Sure, it’s easy to copy and paste a job description that your client puts together that just list tasks and responsibilities. But I am willing to bet anything that the response rate and the candidate quality are very low on these types of postings. A job description is your critical first impression when recruiting, and if you lose job seekers before they even apply you’re operating at a steep disadvantage. Too often, generic, lackluster descriptions fail to communicate some pretty cool opportunities.

In order to write an effective job description it is critical for recruiters to understand their client and the specific details of the role. You have to be able to catch the attention of the person reading the posting within the first couple sentences. It’s important to paint the picture of the work environment, describe in detail what this person can accomplish and the challenges they could face. At the same time, the recruiter must understand the type of candidate they are targeting for the role. How can you get someone excited about something if you don’t even know what makes them tick?

Writing a job description that delivers top talent is not something that can happen overnight. Recruiters have to be creative and spend time making sure that they catch job seekers attention immediately with their postings. I know it’s cliché to say but you really do only have one chance to make a first impression.

-Jeff Bonniwell, UDig Recruiting Team Lead

Jeff BonniwellAre you writing an effective job description?

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