From Candidate to Recruiter

I am lucky to say that I’ve been able to see what the recruiting experience is like from both sides of the desk. I’ve had the opportunity to be a recruiter working with candidates, and I’ve also had the experience as the candidate being recruited. This experience really helps me sympathize and relate to any candidate who walks in my office on a day-to-day basis.

It’s almost too often that a candidate walks into my office with horror stories of their past experiences working with recruiters. I remember my experience as a candidate felt almost transactional. I was brought in for an interview, thrown into an entry-level position, and then never contacted by my recruiter ever again. Not only did this make me never want to work with another recruiter ever again, but it has allowed me to shape and mold the way I interact with my candidates on a more personal level. My process is more about what the candidate wants than what I want, and this is where I hope to differ from most recruiters. I want candidates to remember the experience they have with UDig and only have positive thoughts about it.

Creating a positive experience starts the second I meet with someone. I try to make an effort to relate to every candidate I meet on a personal level. When a candidate meets with me, the discussion and relationship doesn’t just come to an end after our meeting. If there is no opportunity that looks like a fit, I make a constant effort to check in with candidates to see how their job searches or current positions are coming along. These are just a few things I try to do to differentiate myself as a recruiter and prevent even more “recruiting horror stories.”


UDigFrom Candidate to Recruiter

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