Don’t Get Left Behind – Staying Current in IT

We all know the IT scene is constantly changing. Advancements in technology can provide job opportunities and at the same time cause job loss. Keeping current and informed is vital to staying at the crest of the wave during your career in technology.       

Always remember your career goals are a moving target. A few weeks ago I had lunch with a very high level Network Engineer and we discussed his long term career goals. This person has achieved all of his broad career goals such as technical skill level, position title and compensation but has grown concerned over the long term viability of his skill set. His experience has recently focused in a niche area of IT which has been much desired in today’s market. He is well paid and loves his job but is constantly looking forward. He knows a career development strategy is needed in case his niche skill becomes obsolete. He wants to know what is coming around the corner and how it will affect his skill set. He accomplishes this by attending local technical user groups, keeping up with the tech journals and always being flexible and adapting to these changes. 

Rich Hein provides 8 great tips for staying current in his article for CIO. 

  • Industry News – Rich recommends Google Alerts to monitor any changes with a topic that is vital to your career.  I use Google Alerts every day, a great resource.
  • Conferences, Boot Camps and Classes – Local User Groups are a great way to meet peers in the industry and keep up with trends. 
  • Certifications
  • Online User Communities
  • Industry Magazines
  • Industry Blogs
  • Social Connections
  • Job Boards/Recruiter – No one will have a better grasp on hiring trends than a good recruiter. 



UDigDon’t Get Left Behind – Staying Current in IT

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