2014 Jobs Outlook

After reading CareerBuilder’s recent job forecast, I wanted to take a minute to share some details about the outlook for jobs in 2014.

The overall outlook across all industries is not very strong. Overall the headcount will likely increase but much of it depends on the Congressional hearings on the debt ceiling set to take place later in the year. Hopefully Congress will be able to come to some sort of resolution so we don’t have a repeat of 2013, which saw thousands of workers furloughed for weeks while law makers fought over the best course of action.

Overall 23% of companies say that they will slow their pace of hiring while 24% expect to increase their permanent full time headcount. This seems to be pretty stagnant with last year’s mark of 26%. Many employers seem to be on the fence waiting to see what happens when Congress gets back in session.

One good thing for everyone in the technology sector is that once again IT is one of the highest growth sectors when it comes to hiring, accounting for 29% of the overall headcount growth. This seems to be pretty consistent as IT has been at the top of the growth trend for the last several years with no signs of slowing down.

One other point is that salary increases will remain steady as half of companies offering merit increases of 1-3% while a quarter of companies will offer none at all.

CareerBuilder also noted 4 trends to watch for in 2014:

  1. More companies plan to onshore jobs. (26%)
  2. 51% of the HR managers surveyed reported having open jobs that they were unable to find quality applicants to fill. 46% said they positions can go three or more months without being filled.
  3. 49% of employers surveyed will train workers without necessary experience for jobs. That marks a 10% increase over last year.
  4. 25% of companies say they will start to promote career opportunities to high schoolers.

These are just a couple of things to watch out for as we kick off 2014.

Happy New Year!

-Rob Brinkley, UDig Technical Recruiter

Rob Brinkley2014 Jobs Outlook

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