A point of sale (POS) system can refer to a variety of physical hardware systems and their supporting software, located where retail transactions are completed.  POS solutions include the tools enabling a smooth transaction ensuring speed, accuracy and record keeping.  All of which have a direct effect on customer service and satisfaction.  Depending upon the sophistication of the system, POS solutions may extend to CRM, inventory updates, logistics, warehouse management, staff management, accounting and more. Traditional POS systems are becoming a thing of the past as POS systems as a whole are shifting toward more advanced capabilities, providing retailers greater flexibility, control and business intelligence than ever before.

One of the biggest trends to hit POS is the ability to extract valuable information from POS transactions to help businesses make smarter business decisions with features such as inventory tracking, accounting integration, special-order management, powering analytics and reporting bringing the world of big data to retail.

As consumers, we utilize POS systems on a daily basis.  I recently had the opportunity to experience one of our Fortune 500 retail client’s systems first hand.  It’s interesting to see from a consumer’s perspective, what our team is working on and helping to enhance.  This particular client’s retail stores utilize operating systems comprised of an integrated POS and EPC (electronic parts catalog), which enable their store employees to assist customers with their product selection and ordering.  Historically, their stores have operated on legacy store systems, however, due to recent acquisitions requiring heavy integration, a more integrated and intuitive solution was needed.

UDig is currently supporting this effort to implement a new web based POS application for their store technology system.  This new, enhanced application will be used to formulate pricing, marketing and merchandising strategies as well as replenish inventory accurately and rapidly.  It will also provide real-time inventory tracking at the store level allowing store employees to check the quantity of on-hand inventory, adjust stock levels for select items for store specific events, process returns and defective merchandise and track merchandise transfers.

Project highlights include:

  • Provide a suite of powerful, easy to use tools to provide a consistent sales story across all selling channels.
  • Utilize industry proven, reliable technologies that support future growth as well as a fast, intuitive and stable environment.
  • Increase store sales by streamlining customer/team member experience at the point of sale.
  • Provide a seamless user interface between catalog and selling tools to provide superior availability and outstanding customer service.

Our front end team has been focused on developing new software working in technologies such as Angular, Node, Babel, JSLint, Gulp and Java to deliver the new web-based solution which will ultimately help our client to provide superior product availability and outstanding customer service.  Be sure to visit UDig.com if interested in learning more about client success stories and UDig’s capabilities within in Digital, Data, Engineering and Innovation practice areas.Matt Bixler

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