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tech in education

As a proud parent of 2 wonderful kids I am constantly struggling with their use of technology. They are consumed by the latest and greatest gadgets in the market and with innovation at an all-time high, there seems to be something new coming out every month.

Even as a border-line Millennial, I still get impressed with the innovation of technology and how it has impacted our world.  While technology has many benefits, the use of it can sometimes be frowned upon by parents. We are all concerned about kids not being active and/or viewing material inappropriate for their age. While this can be true in some instances, technology has many benefits for schools, teachers and students.

Make learning an enjoyable experience

It’s no secret that students are addicted to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snap Chat and other websites from a very early age. The internet can distract them from the learning process, but you can also use their desire to spend time online for a good purpose: Making learning enjoyable. Using touch-screen technology, online presentations and tools like Quizlet to make classes and learning more interactive.


Think about this, what if students and teachers could access information at any time? Pretty cool if you ask me. This is the most obvious benefit of educational technology in my opinion. Most families have hectic schedules and the ease of completing tasks is top of mind. When old-school teachers were students, they had to spend hours in the library looking for the information they needed. Today, technology integration makes everything different and simpler. Students can easily access newspapers, scientific articles, studies, and any other type of content online. They can write better, deeper academic papers because they can support their arguments with more evidence. When you give a lecture the students don’t understand, they can find additional perspectives and information with a single Google search.


Think about the way collaboration looks like in a traditional classroom setting. You organize groups, assign the projects, and suddenly the class becomes a complete mess. Some students express their opinions too loudly and firmly, while others don’t get an opportunity to be heard. Online tools and apps offer a unique setting for students to engage in a group project. They can do the work from home; the team is connected through the Internet and everyone is inspired by the focused environment.

While school systems may be slow to introduce technology in the classroom in order to manage the risks, change is inevitable.  In this case, the benefits outweigh the cons, and it is exciting to see how technology will allow classrooms to operate on a completely different level than they ever have. Stay tuned as it should be exciting to see how technology is leveraged to enhance the student experience.

–Jeff BonniwellBonniwell_Jeff_resized

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