Digging In with Joe DeVito


Digging In is a regular series of blog posts profiling UDig employees.  We hope this series helps you to get to know our team and understand why we dig what we do!

UDig: Tell us a little bit about your background and your role at UDig.

JD:  I began freelancing doing website design and development while I was still in college.  After college I started my own business and eventually moved to Virginia Beach to an advertising business to lead their mobile development team helping them transform their business from print to digital. From there, I went into true consulting in a large organization where I built upon the skills of design, development and project execution focused on digital strategy, tools like Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and UX.

UDig: Why did you choose UDig?

JD: After working in a large (25k+ employee) organization, I was drawn to UDig for the impact that I can have on the organization.  When I interviewed, Andy [Frank, UDig’s CEO] drove to D.C. to meet with me which really showed me the investment UDig has from the top down on each and every one of the hires it makes.  We have really cool people, working on interesting projects and I get to shape our digital practice and in turn, our future.

UDig: What’s the best project you ever worked on?

JD: Honestly, I’ve worked on a lot of projects over the years and delivered great technology.  But, I’m most excited about the work I’m doing now, building out UDig’s digital capabilities.  It’s fun and interesting to be defining everything from what we focus on, the messaging we use and processes we put in place to deliver it.  Some days it’s a bit chaotic and more than a little challenging, but it’s awesome to see the progress we’ve made, the team we’ve built and the impact we are having.

UDig: What emerging technology are you most interested in?

JD:  I’m really interested to see where the future of augmented reality is headed. I’m enjoying watching that space develop and how advances like artificial intelligence, natural language processing, Google’s deepmind and Facebook’s augmented reality proof of concept are bringing science fiction to life.

UDig: What is your favorite online procrastination tool?

JD:  Social media.  I mostly work remotely from my home so it helps me to have a virtual network to stay connected to.  I also hold the all-time record as UDig’s “Top Slacker*” for sending the most messages and files as I communicate with my internal and client teams.

UDig: What is the most played song in your library?

JD:  I’m generally tuned in to Spotify’s daily mix, new music Fridays or Discover.  I like a wide variety and enjoy hearing something new.

UDig: You’ve been told you are not allowed to work tomorrow, how do you spend your day?

JD: I would likely be doing work of a different kind!  I’m always working on a variety of side projects and enjoy building tutorials for pluralsight.com.  It helps me to continue my learning and I enjoy teaching and giving back.  Otherwise, I might spend some time playing video games or, right now, I’m learning Italian for an upcoming trip!

* Slack is UDig’s online collaboration tool and does not refer to Joe’s work ethic.

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