Long work weeks get the best of us. Spending eight hours or more at the office each day, going to the gym to fit a little workout in before heading home and having to get dinner ready; and in my case get prepared for the next day.  Let’s be honest, most of us tend to skip the little trip to the gym altogether to allow more time at home. It doesn’t have to be that way! I have compiled a list of apps to help the everyday, hard-working, person stay in shape while at their nine to five.

Move: Getting up and moving around the office throughout the day is so important. It gets the blood flowing and works out your stiff muscles. The Move app is set to remind you to get up and move at selected intervals and can be tailored to your work schedule. A reminder goes off and gives you a task of a quick exercise to complete.

Fitbit: Everyone has heard of the fitbit! It is essentially a wearable smartwatch that tracks your movement and exercise to get you into daily healthy habits. You don’t have to purchase the wearable Fitbit in order to reap the benefits of the app – you can still track your exercise and activity to help reach your fitness goals.

DeskActive: You mean I can exercise without evening leaving my chair? DeskActive is an app that helps you fit in exercise throughout your workday at your desk! This app has over 300 stretches and exercises that you can do from your cubicle.

Headspace: working out your brain is important, too. Especially after looking at a computer screen for hours. Headspace is a great app for everyone. It is designed as a meditation app for beginners to those who regularly meditate. This app teaches meditation and mindfulness in as little as 10 minutes a day.

Finding time to stay physically and mentally active can be less challenging with modern technology.  Hopefully, these apps can help get your blood flowing while you’re hard at work!

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