What I love most about technology is that there is always new and fun ideas emerging into the scene. It seems like there is always a new app or gadget out on the market for curious-minded individuals like myself to dabble in. Listed below are some of the newest released items along with some that are not quite available yet.

Embr Wave

This new gadget was created by a team of graduates from MIT. The gadget is to be worn on your wrist to help you cool down or warm up. The idea behind the Embr Wave is to “trick your brain and body into perceiving a slightly different temperature”.* The gadget does not change the core temperature of your body but instead changes the temperature of one part of your body which has been found to change how you feel overall. The basis of the gadget was built around The Peltier effect. The Embr Wave gives off pulses with short waves of temperature which the MIT team found to be the most effective way to trick your brain on how it perceives temperature and in turn provide relief. If you are one of those people that are always either way too hot or cold, then this fun product might be for you. The Embr Wave launched 6.2.18 on Kickstarter.

ForwardX Ovis

This smart suitcase is an autonomous piece of luggage that is meant to follow your every move. The Ovis has facial recognition software which lets the suitcase trail you at up to 7 mph, a 170-degree wide angle lens, a smart wristband to notify you if anyone tries to walk off with your Ovis and a built-in removable cell phone charger, all while being under 10 pounds. The suitcase has launched on Indiegogo with “early bird” pricing starting at $399.


Using similar AI technology to your Google Home or Alexa, this new technology developed by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles helps better understand your baby’s cries. Chatterbaby is based on an algorithm “that’s able to work out exactly what each baby cry means and relay this information to parents”.* The creators took 2,000 audio samples of babies’ cries and used AI algorithms to try and get a better understanding of the difference between cries based on hunger, pain and fatigue. The app is available for free on Android and iOS.


The idea behind Siempo is to help those individuals that have a hard time staying off their phones. The app gives you a less busy home screen to look at where the icons for your apps are less colorful and flashy. It also allows you to customize how often you receive alerts (every hour, half hour, etc.) We all know too well times we are hard at work but the minute we get a notification, our attention is suddenly snatched away. This app hopes to alleviate this problem by allowing you to decide when and how often you get your notifications. The creators state “it’s more than just a self-control app- it’s a whole new smartphone interface designed to prevent unconscious usage and promote intentionality”.* The new app is available on Android.

The Market

The Market is a kinetic smart sculpture meant to show market fluctuations. It is a sculpture of a seesaw with a bull and a bear on either side that will tilt in real time to show actual day-over-day changes in capital markets. The owner of The Market can set the sculpture to “track any one of 11 global stock indexes or four major cryptocurrencies via accompanying iOS or Android mobile app”*. Available is a cordless battery powered version for $525 and a plug-in version for $495, with both in pre-order stages with hopes of shipping in late June or early July.

Are these items and ideas the most practical or pocket-friendly, maybe not, but that still does not stop them from creating fun conversations and controversy!Taylor Silva


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