Analytics Accelerator

Drive insights you can monetize from data you can trust on a flexible architecture built to meet your objectives as you grow. Why does this matter?

Accelerate your business analytics with a modern, flexible data platform. By automating the infrastructure build of the data platform, our team accelerates your speed to market on key business insights


12-16 weeks

Project Outline

  • Discover valuable opportunities that can be quickly delivered and provide high impact to business users.
  • Identify data sources necessary to create business value.
  • Develop a targeted vault pipeline to deliver your preferred business intelligence tool.
  • Review the product for acceptance with the business.
  • Iterate as necessary to enhance existing products or build additional products.


Business Value

  • Flexibility: Create a flywheel that allows you to pivot business strategy without re-designing your data systems to support new directions.
  • Trust: Enable trust through historical tracking and straightforward auditability as source data is stored in raw form before transformation.
  • Scalable: Deliver a roadmap to the end state incrementally, matching the timing of your need and organizational readiness.
  • Speed & Automation: Load data quickly and automate data transformations.
  • Ready for Data Science: Build a robust history of data, changes, and relationships, creating a rich source to mine insights.


Walk away with a flexible, scalable data platform that sets your organization up for future success. The platform creates a central location for all the business’s data to view and analyze key metrics. As your company grows, your platform easily scales to add new data sources. Provide executives with reports and visualizations to quickly deliver value to the business, including historical data analysis and trending.  

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