UDig can solve your toughest challenges, through innovative, modern solutions customized to your situation:

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Built from Scratch

We provide customized experiences to maximize productivity, security and flexibility. Understanding your environment and goals, we will build the solution that is the best match for your environment. Our expert designers and developers will bring your solution to life using the latest best practices in UX, DevOps, automation and cloud.

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COTS Selection & Customization

If a COTS product is the best solution we can help select, customize and integrate the tool to best meet your needs while remaining true to the product’s core functionality and upgrade path. Our experts will maximize your ROI, ensure the product meets your specific needs and is still supportable by the vendor.

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Integrated Solutions

Regardless of the application chosen, we connect your solution to a wide variety of systems to ensure information is accessible, updated and timely. We build solutions that transact and share information among systems to deliver the capabilities you need.

Work The Workflow

Business rules, process maps and decision trees are our jam. We create beautifully simple and high impact solutions to manage the most complex of business processes and customer experiences. Solutions can be totally custom or customized from existing products, depending on what's best for your situation.

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Web Apps

User friendly, beautifully designed and tailored to your environment, web apps automate business logic and simplify a wide variety of processes for a broad set of users. Completely customized to your environment, we’ll design an experience your users love.

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Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Websites with a native feel, PWAs are becoming the go-to solution for an app like experience that is accessible off-line and from any device. A lower cost alternative, PWAs offer faster speed to market and less maintenance.

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Mobile Apps

Native apps running directly on iOS or Android devices provide on the go access for customers and employees alike, leveraging all of the features of the device.

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Our Experience

Custom Workflow Application for Fast-Growing Start-up

When a start-up grows up it needs to move beyond excel spreadsheets and simple tracking tools to scale the organization. Recently, UDig helped an emerging receivables organization automate and simplify their pre-sales process through a custom workflow management application.

Working closely with the Client, UDig helped identify the business rules driving the process and key integration points. Our team of designers and developers created a user interface that is simple and beautiful, allowing for easy on-boarding and training.

We scoped the initial project to a limited feature set to provide quick impact to the organization and are working closely to continue to build out the application to solve additional challenges. Ultimately, the solution will improve revenue by automating decisions and increasing speed to market.

Our Approach

While each custom application is just that, custom, you can count on UDig to always provide these core services:

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We Dig In

We bring a deep understanding of your business problems and technology stack to ensure the selected solution works for you, for the long term.

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Find the Right Fit

With our broad experience and deep insights, we will recommend the solutions that best suits your environment and goals.

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The Proof is in the Prototype

Quick cycles and rapid prototyping help explore functionality, gain feedback and demonstrate the value of the technology prior to full deployment.

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The Right Blend

Our unique blend of engagement models ensures we can provide the right team for your project, both while it’s being developed and once it’s in production.

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Experienced Partner

From Legacy System to Meaningful Insight

A national healthcare association leveraged a legacy system for program members to upload data, allowing the organization to conduct data analysis and provide benchmarking reports to members. A more streamlined, efficient process was needed to provide better analysis, more timely results, and fewer errors.

UDig built a user-friendly web-based access point allowing members to easily and securely upload ePHI data to the association. The modern, HIPAA compliant solution created a secure platform for members to upload their data, an ETL process to cleanse and integrate the uploaded data, a new data warehouse with improved schema to support the integrated data and a metrics process for calculating benchmarking information.

The streamlined processes allow the association to provide more valuable reporting back to member organizations to understand performance relative to other member organizations and monitor the progress of their organization over time.

The Result

We build custom software that works and that you’ll actually enjoy using. You can count on UDig solutions to be robust, scalable and extensible. Our experience across a wide variety of industries and technologies ensures we’ll deliver a modern solution you can count on.

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