UDig delivers tailored solutions that power your business and enable your CX to:

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Improve Brand Engagement

Use the most innovative technical solutions like voice user interfaces to create personalized, seamless interactions for consumers that drive brand loyalty

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Increase Internal Efficiencies

Develop job aids such as custom applications to alleviate operational tasks, streamline processes and yield a more efficient workforce internally while enabling a great CX externally

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Increase ROI

Fully leverage the technology in which you’ve invested to generate meaningful insights that inform your CX strategy and power your team

What We Offer

The CX landscape is constantly changing and it's more important than ever to have a vision for the experience you deliver to your customers. We work with organizations to bring their CX vision to life – whether through helping them develop their CX strategy or through building and implementing the technical tools to generate desired results.

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Know you need to improve your CX, but not sure where to start? Our CX Assessments build your customer journey and overall CX Strategy. We map your current state against future vision, assess your competitive landscape, pull from our technical expertise and follow best practices in making our recommendations.

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Custom Applications, Mobile Solutions, Tailored Tools

Whether customer facing or for internal use, we build the exact technology you need to fully enable your CX. Our applications are designed to deliver on a specific need – our experts can delineate fads from meaningful trends and build the technical solutions that will position you for long-term success with your CX.

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Technology Selection, Implementation and/or Training

We help organizations identify the best technical solution based on their size, resources and needs, and we oversee migration to ensure a seamless transition to their selected platform. We also provide hands-on training, so your team can test faster, generate and analyze meaningful data more quickly and make more better-informed decisions to enhance your CX.

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Process Transformation

All the bells and whistles are only as effective as the team using them. We partner with clients to establish the structure and processes needed internally to support your most important resource – your people – in fully leveraging the technologies designed to drive your CX.

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Our Experience

UDig designed and developed a mobile app which resulted in an improved CX for guests at a hospitality house and provided housekeeping staff with ongoing access to real-time data, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined process.

Our Approach

Aligning people, processes and technology around your CX requires a cultural shift. You don't take that lightly and neither do we. We always tailor our CX services according to your specific needs and follow the same approach in each of our client partnerships :

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Look at the big (and small) picture

We ensure a thorough understanding of your goals, processes, objectives, team dynamics and culture. We offer insights, new technologies and transformative processes for both operational and technological improvements as well as industry exposure to our clients’ businesses.

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KPIs are critical

We have deep experience in implementation methodology and metrics-based approach. We help you prioritize your highest impact changes as well as set clear goals, milestones and tracking to ensure visibility into your progress.

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One step at a time

We recommend organizations don’t take on multi-year projects but instead assess your processes to find high ROI opportunities, quickly identify savings and speed gains in small wins to see results.

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We Make Accessibility Accessible

Whether to comply with Section 508, to meet ADA standards or to follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, we adhere to best practices in making your digital assets accessible because we see accessibility as a critical component of your UX and therefore, your CX.

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Experienced Partner

Determining How Voice User Interfaces Can Help Power CX

More and more businesses are learning how they can utilize Natural Language Processing as a new channel to deliver on their consumers’ Customer Experience expectations. Our client sought to discover the range of possibilities in creating applications within voice integration technology, and ultimately determine whether pursuing patents within the speech recognition market was a worthwhile investment given the increasing popularity of voice user interfaces.

Our work entailed identifying the boundaries of what sort of endpoints an Amazon Alexa skill could interact with, including complex integrations with several social networks and personal domains. Using voice sessions, we were able to design a comprehensive skill that tracked user usage patterns and leveraged them in future interactions to the skill to save time on receiving updates and making recommendations. We found basic functionality within the initial application and prototype was possible, while subsequent prototypes yielded privacy constraints and external APIs that limited utilization of additional social networking sites beyond Facebook and querying of other connections.

We were able to prove out a number of integrations/interactions for our client. Upon identifying the application’s limitations, the team was able to establish potential workaround solutions or alternative approaches to roadblocks. Our work allowed our client to determine how voice integration technology can support CX and identify potential partnerships and business opportunities within this space.

A Great CX

Speed, convenience, seamlessness, and personable and knowledgeable help all contribute to a great CX and build brand loyalty. Do you have the tools in place to enable each of these in meeting customer expectations?

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