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Cost Management through Improved & Repeatable Processes

Boost your efficiency, increase your capacity and decrease operational costs through automated, collaborative processes.

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Faster Time-to-Market

Streamline software delivery and accelerate product release cycles, improving your speed in time to market – imperative in today’s digital age.

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High Quality Software for Users

Create a more stable operational environment by reducing deployment inconsistencies across your lifecycle and decreasing time to resolution.

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Greater Visibility, Control & Confidence

Simplify your technical environment, manage the unexpected and increase your confidence in the release/deployment process.

Our Approach

DevOps affects your organization's culture. You don't take that lightly and neither do we. We tailor our DevOps services according to your needs and our approach to ensuring your success is unwavering:

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We look at the big (and small) picture

We ensure a thorough understanding of your goals, processes, objectives, team dynamics and culture. We offer insights, new technologies and transformative processes for both operational and technological improvements as well as industry exposure to our clients’ businesses.

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KPIs are critical

We have deep experience in implementation methodology and metrics-based approach. We help you prioritize your highest impact changes as well as set clear goals, milestones and tracking to ensure visibility into your progress.

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One step at a time

We recommend organizations don’t take on multi-year projects but instead assess your processes to find high ROI opportunities, quickly identify savings and speed gains in small wins to see results.

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Development is iterative and incremental

We view DevOps as the natural progression of an agile organization, combining delivery and support teams as a catalyst for efficiency.

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Our Experience

Many of our clients prefer to keep our partnership confidential and our engagements vague. Below is a story indicative of some the exciting work we've been doing at UDig.

A transportation data giant wanted to explore automation for deployments to increase the quality of their output and reduce manual intervention, which was resulting in quality issues, inability to recreate deployments and significant delays.  The organization was not seeking another software vendor, but a technology-agnostic approach with honest, unbiased recommendations for tools and methodologies to enable infrastructure and realize the cost-saving benefits of automation and the cloud. UDig partnered with them to provide an assessment and action plan for leveraging DevOps.

Following a thorough audit of the organization’s existing processes, the UDig team found legacy processes were inhibiting the client with slow provisioning of environments, poor allocation of resources, environmental inconsistencies and inefficient utilization. In addition, the company’s dependence on physical equipment limited their overall capacity, preventing projects requiring additional resources from being completed. The UDig team recommended a multi-phased approach to provide incremental improvements with phased investment, including containerization to improve utilization density and more efficient deployment, <a href=”
“>Terraform</a> to provide visibility into all instances, and a combination of public and private cloud instances with automatic scaling. Our recommendation to take an iterative approach in implementing DevOps practices was practical for this client, and they received actionable roadmap to directly reduce deployment times and increase capacity in their data center while improving quality in their deployments and applications.

Our Services

Successfully transitioning to DevOps and integrating your teams is equal parts cultural and technical. We partner with clients in both capacities and customize our support according to your needs.

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We can assess your current state and make recommendations for tooling, designing a pipeline and organizational alignment to provide the best path for you to become DevOps enabled.

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Oversight & Leadership

Our ongoing coaching and facilitation will ensure your resources have the technical and strategic support they need to implement DevOps practices.

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Process Transformation

We’ll roll up our sleeves and implement solutions to automate software delivery through continuous development, testing, releasing and monitoring.

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Moving to the Cloud

We can automate infrastructure and build a high-performing pipeline to transition you off of your high-maintenance data center to an environment that pairs perfectly with DevOps.

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The Long & Short

DevOps is all about delivering applications and services faster and more reliably.  It’s automating your processes to increase productivity through a more efficient and effective system.  It’s creating a more stable and secure environment.  It’s forging the bridge between your IT and Operations teams to be better integrated and more collaborative.  It’s decreased downtime through quicker resolution of issues and increased time to innovate.  It’s continuous integration and continuous delivery. 

 UDig can ensure your organization’s implementation of DevOps practices is successful in both the long and short term – whether you’re only just beginning to consider this transition, or are mature in your processes.  

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Reach out to learn more about how UDig's DevOps capabilities can drive change within your organization. A member of our team will follow up with you soon.