A Day in the Life of Vince Koch, Principal Consultant


Ever wondered what a day in the life of one of our consultants is like? This series will give you all the details! Our “Day in the Life” subject is Vince Koch, a Principal Consultant located in Kentucky. Here’s what a typical day looks like for Vince. 


Typically, I get up before my alarm clock goes off because my family is up and out of the house before me. Once I’m up, I get ready for the day, feed my dogs, and feed myself before heading to my home office. I’m part of UDig’s Nashville team, but I work remotely because it’s a three-hour commute from my home in Kentucky! My mornings consist of looking at my meetings for the day and catching up on emails and instant messages. Once I’m settled, I begin working based on priority tasks. 

Lunch Time 

I tend to work through lunch, so you can find me dashing out to the kitchen to find leftovers or something that doesn’t take too long to make. My wife works an easy 10-minute drive from the house, so if our schedules allow for it, I like to take her out for a lunch date when I can. We’re regulars at our local pad thai shop, Core Life Eatery, and Jason’s Deli. After grabbing something to eat, I get back to work quickly. 


After lunch, my focus shifts based on whatever fire is raging at the moment. Like I said, I work based on priority. The beginning of this year wasn’t too meeting-heavy for me, but my current project is a little different – in the afternoons, I typically have a good amount of quick, impromptu meetings. Because of this, I have little time to really deeply focus on tasks. When I’m not in back-to-back meetings, I enjoy listening to music while I work. Of course, I listen to it loud because why wouldn’t I!? I don’t have a favorite genre, I like pretty much anything – from rock to EDM to country – as long as it has a good beat, I tend to like it. When the weather is nice, I head outside to work out on my back patio or go to the library down the road from my house. It has some great floor to ceiling windows that allow for a lot of natural light, plus it overlooks a beautiful view. 

After Work 

If I have time after wrapping up my work for the day, I enjoy going for a jog around town or hitting the gym with my son before my wife gets home from work. Eventually, we’ll get to cooking dinner. After dinner, I relax by watching a show or playing video games. Currently, I’ve been enjoying Hogwarts and other open-world RPG games. On occasion, my wife and I will get together with friends or go out to dinner – one of our favorite spots is Stony River Steakhouse, we also like to hit up, Crumbl Cookies or Graters’ ice cream for dessert! 

About The Author

Vince is a Principal Consultant on the Software Team.