Good engineering takes skill and expertise. With the right architecture, development processes and tools, your vision can become reality.

Organizations struggle to balance managing technical debt, maintaining legacy systems and building for the future. Whether for innovative and explorative solutions like voice user interfaces, or for custom applications to resolve common business problems, our Engineering projects focus on visualizing, connecting and modernizing your systems with the latest development and automation tools, processes and methodologies.

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When you need a solution you can touch and feel but aren’t ready to invest in full scale development, leverage UDig’s consultants for end to end prototyping. Rapid reviews and iterations allow us to quickly help both business leaders looking to sell an idea and IT teams seeking to convince leadership to invest in new technologies. Either way seeing is believing!

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Systems Integration

In a connected world, well integrated systems can mean the difference between falling behind and pushing ahead. With years of experience helping clients transact and share information among systems we are continually growing, learning and sharing our experiences. We can design, develop and deliver your service layer to improve performance and add capabilities.

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Custom App Solutions

When your organization needs a custom application, UDig can help. Whether using cloud platforms or deploying to your existing datacenter, we can determine the best technology set, system and design. Our experienced engineers will bring your custom solution to life using the latest best practices in DevOps, automation and cloud. Whether it’s a brand-new build or an overhaul of an existing system, we work to understand your business processes, culture and technology stack preferences to develop scalable, maintainable solutions that will grow with your organization.

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Automating the SDLC process not only saves costs, but allows your organization to produce a higher quality product, quicker. UDig can help you embrace DevOps at the organizational level and start finding areas of opportunity to introduce automation. We recommend organizations don’t take on multi-year projects, instead assess your processes to find high ROI opportunities, quickly identify savings and speed gains in small wins and see results. Read more about our DevOps capabilities and the results we’ve delivered through our expertise.

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