IA Quickstart

Automate key elements of a business process to help you reimagine what’s possible and advance your growth.

Our consultants will evaluate and create an implementation plan for up to five automation candidates and jointly select one process to pilot during this project. We will develop the pilot from concept through creation and then help you demonstrate its capabilities.


Up to three weeks

Project Outline

  • Present an overview of Intelligent Automation (IA) and how it may apply to your organization.
  • Evaluate up to five potential process automation candidates. *
  • Build a current state high-level process map and a business case estimate based on the level of effort.
  • Develop scoring criteria unique to your organization and apply the criteria to your current state processes to prioritize the automation candidates.
  • Review your organizational change management structure.
  • Utilize the scoring criteria to select the initial automation candidate to create a proof of concept. This step includes comprehensive mapping and an estimated automation cost.
  • Develop the bot for the selected automation.
  • Wrap up with an implementation plan, documentation, and cost estimates for additional automation.

Business Value

  • Process Owner or Business Stakeholder
  • Business Analyst or Business Systems Analyst
  • Solution or Enterprise Architect
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Change Manager
  • IT Stakeholder


UDig’s QuickStart engages your organization through hands-on process mapping, developing scoring criteria, and seeing your newly automated process in action. This initiative will help showcase the potential value of Intelligent Automation and generate stakeholder buy-in.

*If UDig completed the IA Discovery Workshop, we will utilize the identified processes to select the initial candidate to pilot.

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