Alexa Proof of Concept

UDig Helps Innovation Team Determine What's Possible in Voice Technology

UDig provided a series of test and learn prototypes to our client’s Innovation Department to discover the range of possibilities in creating applications within voice integration technology, and ultimately determine whether pursuing patents within the speech recognition market was a worthwhile investment.


The client sought to determine the boundaries of what sort of end points an Amazon Alexa skill could interact with. The effort included complex integrations with several social networks and personal domains. Using voice sessions, we were able to design a comprehensive skill that tracked user usage patterns and leveraged them in future interactions to the skill to save time on receiving updates and making recommendations. The UDig team was able to prove out a number of integrations / interactions for our client.

UDig Solution

UDig’s team of consultants worked with client stakeholders to understand prototype objectives including authentication and authorization against specified social media accounts and services with verbal updates to connections via Amazon Alexa.

The team’s findings indicated basic functionality within the initial application and prototype was possible, while subsequent prototypes yielded privacy constraints and external APIs that limited utilization of additional social networking sites beyond Facebook and querying of other connections.

Through identifying the application’s limitations, the team was able to determine potential workaround solutions or alternative approaches to roadblocks and help the client identify potential partnerships and business opportunities within the voice integration technology space.

Tools and Methodologies

  • Lambda
  • Dynamo Database
  • Social Network APIs (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • oAuth SSO