DevOps Assessment

UDig Provides Actionable DevOps Assessment for Transportation Data Company

UDig’s DevOps assessment provided knowledge and best practices allowing the client to build a business case for investments in DevOps processes and tooling.  By delivering on this assessment, the client has an actionable roadmap to reduce deployment times and increase capacity in their data center while improving quality in deployments and applications. UDig’s practical approach recommended taking an iterative approach, breaking down the implementation into smaller, but attainable and high impact changes.


  • A transportation data giant wanted to explore automation for deployments to increase quality and reduce manual intervention.
  • The client experienced quality issues due to manual releases, had no way to recreate deployments and speed was limited due to manual constraints.
  • They turned to UDig to provide an assessment and action plan for how to better leverage DevOps in their organization.
  • The organization was not seeking another software vendor, but a technology agnostic approach providing honest, unbiased recommendations for tools and methodologies to enable infrastructure and realize the cost-saving benefits of automation and the cloud.

UDig Solution

  • After conducting a thorough audit of the organization’s existing processes, the UDig team found the legacy provisioning processes inhibiting the client with slow provisioning of environments, poor allocation of resources, environmental inconsistencies and inefficient utilization.
  • In addition, the organization’s dependence on physical equipment limited their overall capacity, preventing additional projects from completing that needed resources due to overprovisioning.
  • The team recommended a multi-phased approach to provide incremental improvements with phased investment including containerization to improve utilization density and more efficient deployment, Terraform to provide visibility into all instances, and a combination of public and private cloud instances with automatic scaling.