Our roots date back to 2001, when our founder decided to take a more transparent, honest and human approach to doing business in the tech industry. Our team has grown quite a bit since then, but we’ve held the same focus: build solutions that make a difference. Put people over technology. Collaborate and co-create with each other and with our clients.

At UDig, our mission, core beliefs and brand promises are more than words on a wall. They serve as our compass, our North Star, our guiding philosophy and the foundation of our identity. They inform how we treat our colleagues, who we bring on to our team and how we care for our client relationships. They represent who we are and what we believe.

Empowering People to Impact Business

As technology experts, we believe in the power of providing modern, innovative solutions to businesses but ultimately, we recognize these solutions are only as effective as the people who craft, curate and utilize them. We are driven to enable our colleagues and our clients to create meaningful results through our work.

At UDig, we ensure every team member is a stakeholder in building the future of our organization. As trusted advisors, we commit to positioning our partners for continued success by empowering their greatest asset – their people.

Our Values

Who better to describe what these core beliefs mean than the people who experience them each day? Take a look to see what our team has to say about each of our values.


Balance delivery, development & life


Achieve exceptional results with our work


Innovate through creative problem solving


Collaborate to build meaningful relationships with each other & our clients


Enjoy our team & celebrate our wins

Brand Promises

Meaningful Relationships

We believe success is only possible through trust, respect and transparency, so we prioritize relationships above any technology or process.

Shared Outcomes

We have a mutual investment in our clients’ success. Our collaborative, partnership-based approach ensures we fully understand our clients’ needs, co-create tailored solutions with them and deliver something they can own independently for years to come.

Results Oriented

We love a good challenge because we are problem-solvers by nature. What’s most important to us, however, is making a lasting difference through the results we provide to clients. Our team is driven to not only deliver immediate impact, but also create solutions that have longstanding value.


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