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  • Mobile App

    UDig Builds Mobile Application for Local Nonprofit to Improve Internal Processes and Customer Experience

    Since utilizing their mobile application, the Doorways have benefited from having access to real-time data on room status in a number of ways. Customer experience has improved; guests have a smoother check-in process and receive accurate status updates with clear expectations upon arrival. The housekeeping team follows a more streamlined and efficient process and is more productive as a result….

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  • GDPR Assessment

    UDig Provides General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Assessment to Organization Needing to Determine their Course to Compliance

    Through partnering with UDig on a GDPR-focused Assessment, our client was able to identify which of their data practices related to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) did or did not conform to regulatory requirements, and where their highest risk areas were…

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  • Alexa Proof of Concept

    UDig Helps Innovation Team Determine What's Possible in Voice Technology

    UDig provided a series of test and learn prototypes to our client’s Innovation Department to discover the range of possibilities in creating applications within voice integration technology, and ultimately determine whether pursuing patents within the speech recognition market was a…

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  • Tableau Strategy

    UDig Helps Tourism Organization Power Their Data Strategy with Tableau

    A Tourism Organization saw immediate impact and return on investment from their selection of Tableau, an industry leading BI tool by partnering with UDig for guidance, training and dashboard development.

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  • Website Rebranding

    UDig Builds a Digital Experience to Support Non-Profit

    An updated brand, website and social media strategy helps non-profit clarify their value proposition and communicate more effectively with the community and donors.

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  • Image Capture App Dev

    UDig Partners with Automotive Retailer to Build Automated Image Capture Application

    A custom image capture application allows an automotive retailer to dramatically improve the shopping experience by consistently rendering vehicle images and greatly reduce the time to inventory, image and upload new vehicles to the website, cutting time to capture images by 50%.  These efficiencies create faster time to market and employee efficiency…

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  • Manufacturing Data

    UDig Helps Manufacturing Client Understand New ERP & Enhance BI Capabilities

    After a recent ERP migration, a large packaging manufacturing company was struggling to understand the new BI environment and create critical business reports for leadership. In a matter of weeks, UDig became familiar with the Qlikview BI capabilities as well…

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  • Digital Health Check

    UDig Helps Financial Institution Review, Assess & Modernize Their Digital Infrastructure

    UDig helped a national financial institution review, assess and modernize their digital strategy through a performance health check.  The audit identified root causes of known errors, uncovered latent issues and helped the organization better understand their code base and performance. …

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  • Migration Roadmap

    UDig Helps Court System Assess Informix Database Migration

    UDig assisted a court system with assessing their technical architecture and migration plans to replace IBM Informix.  The client can now confidently move forward with the Informix to PostgreSQL migration. With the help of UDig consultants, they will migrate to PostgreSQL…

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  • Excel to Modern Application

    UDig Builds Reporting Web Application Using Modern Frameworks & Best Practices

    Taking advantage of technologies such as Grails, Angular and Webpack, UDig created a modern web application allowing users to pull and manipulate all their data in one convenient place, with mobile access. Working closely with the client and utilizing agile…

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  • ETL Development & Migration

    UDig Helps Healthcare Provider Leverage Powerful ETL Tools

    UDig assisted a large healthcare provider with a migration of their ETL packages from SSIS to Informatica. Before beginning development, an inventory of data sources and an architecture diagram were developed. During development, the client’s staff was trained on Informatica…

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  • Application Integration

    UDig Helps Retailer Integrate & Optimize Transportation Systems

    UDig assisted a national automotive retailer to integrate and optimize their investment in Oracle Transportation Manager providing route optimization, load balancing and visibility into transportation moves.  The team built the workflow layer and database, as well as assessed the long…

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  • Data Architecture

    UDig Helps Association Aggregate, Manage & Analyze Data

    UDig assisted a national healthcare association with replacing a legacy system that allows their program members to understand performance relative to other member organizations and monitor the progress of their organization over time. The modern, user-friendly solution created a secure…

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  • User Experience

    UDig Enhances Student Learning Experience for National Virtual Education Company

    UDig’s user experience expertise and usability guidance helped the education company provide an improved learning experience for students, both during live class sessions as well as for course review and studying.  This improved experience helps students retain and master course…

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  • Cloud Proof of Concept

    UDig Delivers Cloud POC to Demonstrate the Power of Microservices, Automation and Container Scalability

    UDig delivered a functional cloud proof of concept allowing the team to test named containers, use immutable servers for deployment and automate deployment for legacy and cloud infrastructure using Terraform. The solution also allowed for testing of horizontal scaling and…

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  • Digital Experience

    UDig Delivers Differentiated Web Experience for International Retailer

    The updated user experience is optimized and differentiated for users based on their country of origin.  The solution simplifies business processes, reduced shipping costs and improved the customer experience.  The client now has the ability to provide unique experience and…

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  • Intranet Redesign

    UDig Revamps Major Medical Provider’s Internal Communication Strategy

    UDig delivered an improved internal communication vehicle providing better, faster access to company information through repeatable components across departments. The solution provided a sustainable, easy to update tool with modern design and full administration.

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  • DevOps Assessment

    UDig Provides Actionable DevOps Assessment for Transportation Data Company

    UDig’s DevOps assessment provided knowledge and best practices allowing the client to build a business case for investments in DevOps processes and tooling.  By delivering on this assessment, the client has an actionable roadmap to reduce deployment times and increase capacity…

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  • Enterprise Search

    UDig Delivers Functionality That Saves Lives Through Faster, More Accurate Search

    UDig’s Innovation Studio built a multi-system index allowing for unified search experiences.  Over time this solution will provide weighted results to further improve and optimize the system’s accuracy, thereby decreasing the time spent searching for answers. In perspective, the time…

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  • Digital Strategy

    UDig Delivers Enterprise-Wide Platform Integration for National Financial Institution

    Within a tight three week pre-launch timeline, the UDig team was able to assist the financial institution through technical environment and infrastructure assessments, prioritization and resolution of technical tasks and addressed the backlog of critical issues.  Following the initial release, UDig’s…

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  • Healthcare Auditing Platform

    UDig Develops Prototype for Healthcare Auditing System

    UDig’s Innovation Studio delivered a functional prototype to allow the client to re-sell as a SaaS platform allowing end users to close the benefits audit gap, reduce costs and provide a more robust process.  Additionally, leveraging Innovation Studio resources provided…

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  • Automated Renewal Process

    UDig Creates Automated Renewal Process for Managing Policy Renewals

    UDig’s automated policy renewal processes captured additional revenue and resulted in releasing broker and underwriter time to focus on higher value activities.

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  • Cancer Research

    UDig Makes Cancer Treatment Data More Accessible to Researchers

    UDig’s software application expertise provided faster, more reliable access to a database of DNA information for 143 genes associated with cancer. The resulting  improved data sharing allows clinical researchers to create highly personalized treatment strategies based on past successes, measurably…

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  • Communications Framework

    UDig Builds Unified Communications Delivery Framework for Financial Software Company

    UDig architected an unified communications platform adding immense business value by enabling the organization to reach their customers, remediating 99% of fraud instances through seamless and transparent communication to their end users.

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  • Data Repository

    UDig Creates Centralized Data Repository for Non-Profit

    A flexible business intelligence solution was architected and delivered enabling better agility to adapt to ever-changing business and customer needs while delivering and advising on both strategic and tactical needs.

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  • Data Retention

    UDig Builds Data Retention & Archival Solution for Global Specialty Insurance Company

    UDig reduced operational costs while mitigating compliance risk with the design and delivery of an enterprise wide data retention and archival process with PeopleSoft CRM.  The client has recovered lost throughput and increased IT development team capacity to focus on…

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  • Data Warehouse

    UDig Delivers DW/BI Solutions for Investment Banking Firm

    With the design and implementation of an accurate, easy to maintain data warehouse and business intelligence solution, the client has improved data integrity, enhanced integrations, and reporting accuracy resulting in better decision making across the enterprise.

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  • Healthcare Education Website

    UDig Delivers Custom Web Development Solution for Health Care Education Company

    The modernized application continues to deliver an innovative, engaging platform allowing UDig’s client to provide educational information to their customers as well as prospective business partners keeping them poised as the industry technology leader.

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  • Mobile Buying App

    UDig Creates Mobile App for Innovative Automotive Sales Organization

    UDig delivered a custom mobile app, functioning on any device, allowing buying associates to increase productivity by 13% and providing a $6M return on investment.

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  • Patient Portal

    UDig Builds Patient Portal for Health Care Client, Qualifying for Federal Program Incentives

    A secure, robust Patient Portal was built on time and within budget allowing the organization to exceed EHR compliancy requirements while supplying patients, families, and providers with a series of engaging tools and applications to improve transparency and overall health…

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  • Project Management

    UDig's Project Management Expertise Secures International Trade Organization Compliance

    By leveraging the strong implementation methodologies brought by UDig consultants, the organization was able to meet compliance milestone requirements, thereby protecting client trade revenues whether generated via land, sea or air trade.

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  • Technical Architecture

    UDig Establishes Services Oriented Architecture for Freight Company

    UDig’s technical and functional expertise mitigated risk and reduced development costs with the design and build out of a new ESB solution establishing a Service Oriented Architecture that is event driven and loosely coupled with their current environment.  Meeting client…

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