Data Madness

March Madness is one of the most data driven fan events of the sports calendar.  With over nine quintillion different bracket combinations, it’s a data lover’s dream to analyze their way to utopia: the perfect bracket.

As of today, less than 20% of UDig’s brackets have a chance of survival. As brackets are busting and fan favorites underperform (um, Duke and Villanova, I’m looking at you), we once again look to the data to provide us a blueprint to determine who the last team standing will be.

Even this “perfect” bracket, backed by tons of analysis, had Duke in the championship game.

Makes you wonder, is the problem with the data? Are we not including important data elements? Are advanced analytics even capable of this yet, or will the human element continue to trump the science?

With all of this data madness, we took a look at our “Elite 8” Data Topics.  Which is your favorite to make it to the championship?

Data Modernization

ROI of Data Modernization

dirty data

Overcoming Dirty Data

big data sports

The Data of Sports

data governance

Keys to Data Governance

data management

The True Cost of Inaction


3 Data Habits of High Performing Organizations


data crunching

Less Time Data Crunching, More Insight

big data

Do You Know What Your Data is Telling You?