A Day in the Life of Greg Johnson, Client Services Lead


Ever wondered what a day in the life of one of our Client Services Leads is like? This series will give you all the details! Our “Day in the Life” subject is Greg Johnson, a Client Services Lead located in Richmond, VA. Here’s what a typical day looks like for Greg.


My mornings kick off bright and early at around 6:30am, starting with the school drop-off routine for my kid by 8. I sometimes seize the quiet of the early hours to get ahead on work before the day officially begins. More often than not, I find myself heading into the UDig office by about 8:30, fueled by coffee or espresso. Mornings at work are bustling with meetings, including a daily stand-up to sync up with clients and team members.

With my hands in multiple projects, my focus is on coordination, troubleshooting, and conducting trade-off analysis, alongside tracking down requirements for the development team. One key project has me building a data lake platform to integrate our clients’ multitude of data sources into one spot for more robust business intelligence, analysis, and better decision-making. This involves putting the plan together, helping track/manage scope, resolving issues with requirements, security, data sources themselves, etc., and driving discussions on how to create value from their data and make more informed business decisions.

Lunch Time

Lunch is a flexible affair for me, usually squeezed in between 12:30-2. Sometimes, I take the opportunity to head home, let out our English golden retriever, and maybe enjoy a quick walk together.


The afternoons might see me either staying at the office or working from home, based on the day’s demands. Besides continuing my work on the data lake platform, the afternoons are often dedicated to another significant project: building a product to better support schools and families. This project focuses on enhancing user experience, soliciting requirements, conducting user acceptance testing, and planning customer rollout strategies, which include communication, training, marketing, and training the customer success team.

After Work

Post-work hours are dedicated to unwinding and family time. Whether it’s taking a stroll with the dog, hitting the gym, or practicing golf swings, I try to get in something active. The evenings are also special times spent with my 9-month-old and wife, navigating the joys and challenges of his rapid transition from crawling. After his bedtime, my wife and I cherish our dinner time together, sometimes catching up on work, watching a game, or delving into a good read, before calling it a night.


About The Author

Greg Johnson is an Engagement Manager on the Client Services team.