A Day in the Life of Jacqueline Arce, UX/UI Designer


Ever wondered what a day in the life of one of our consultants was like? This series will give you all the details! Our “Day in the Life” subject is Jacqueline Arce, a UX/UI Designer located in West Palm Beach, FL. Here’s what a typical day looks like for Jacqueline.


I usually wake up around 8am and it might sound nerdy, but I start my day by scrolling the UX design subreddit – there’s a lot of great advice and inspiration in there! I’ll often listen to audiobooks (my current favorite is the Twilight series) while I care for my two cats, Mama and Goose. I log onto work around 9am from the desk in my room, since I work fully remote. I always have breakfast at 9:30am on the dot! Twice a week, our design team has a morning huddle – a highlight of my week! We share ideas, laugh about memes, and have a real connection point. We say what tasks we have planned for the day and hash out any blockers, then I get my design demo ready by incorporating feedback from the business from the previous demo. I work on demo plans (list out what points I need to hit on and plan out the agenda) and circle up with our dev team and project leads to iron out any critical issues ahead of our upcoming launch. 

Lunch Time

Lunchtime is a key part of setting boundaries while working from home. I always take my lunch at the same time as my boyfriend. We often make bowls filled with rice or lettuce, topped with grilled chicken, feta, and other ingredients. While eating, we enjoy watching episodes of ‘Modern Family.’ The second half of my lunch break is my personal decompression time. It’s important for me not to engage in problem-solving during this period. I spend it playing with my cats, enjoying a game, or catching up on some reading, to recharge before diving back into work.


In the afternoons, I return to my desk, though sometimes I’ll move to the couch for a change of scenery. My living room has a huge sliding door, so I like to relocate from my bedroom to the living room to enjoy some sunlight during the afternoon. While my mornings are typically reserved for meetings, afternoons are when I find myself most productive doing mockups, design, and personal tasks – though occasionally this schedule flips!

After Work

After work, my boyfriend and I go grocery shopping to pick up ingredients for dinner. We usually make dinner together and watch an episode of ‘Modern Family’ – we’re really into it right now. On days when I have roller derby, I leave home around 6pm for practice. We start by hanging out and chatting, as people come from up to an hour away. After practice we have a little more social time or grab a bite to eat. Once I’m back home around 9pm, I begin my winding-down ritual: washing my face, brushing my teeth, saying goodnight to the cats, and then falling asleep to ‘Twilight’.


About The Author

Jacqueline Arce is a UX/UI Designer.