Homage to Our Interns

As our interns’ time with us comes to a seemingly abrupt close, we wanted to take the time to pay homage to our three awesome summer interns. These 9 weeks (they still have one more week left!) have flown by and we can’t thank them enough for the amazing work they’ve done and the personality they’ve brought to our offices. Their hard work and dedication to the UDig way of life will leave us with a slight pang when we look over to their desks and realize they’re probably sleeping in. We will miss their shining faces in the morning and their awful free throws. We will miss their coding questions and their silly smiles. We will miss their Pepsi drinking and their random vegan tendencies. We will miss their dog stories and questioning them about their social lives. We will miss hearing about their weekend adventures and their resemblance to little teapots. We will miss their sneaker-head knowledge and their affinity for fast food.  We will miss all of the things that make our interns unique and totally them. Don’t forget about us, ok?

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