The Intersection of Mobile, Healthcare, and User Experience

One of UDig’s top 5 Tech Trends of 2016 is “Grow up post the ‘Mobile Boom’” which discusses the importance of making a continuous investment in your customer’s digital experience in order to differentiate from competitors.  This trend is not only a challenge for private industry but is being seen in healthcare as well.  For the healthcare industry, our clients need more than just innovative technology…. they require on-demand communication with their consumers.

According to a recent article by Lenovo Health, successful mobility solutions need to include communication and data exchange strategies.  Simply having an app will not be enough as many hospitals are “failing to engage patients by not aligning their functionality and user experience with what consumers expect and need.”  A whopping 7% of patients are already switching health care providers simply based on poor experience with online customer service channels such as mobile apps.  This could cost hospitals roughly $100 million per year per hospital as patients switch hospitals and providers like they switch their cable service.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, successful hospital organizations need to consider all stakeholders to better understand what they want, when they want it, and how they want to see it.  The key is building out technology infrastructure that enables your communications and data strategy.  Health care organizations need to build out the strategy first letting customer/end user insight lead the way and use superior technology tools to empower greater efficiencies, enhance communication, and improve outcomes within a mobile health environment.

Technology leaders in the health care industry turn to us to help them navigate the intersection of mobile, health care and user experience.  Our consultants can help to design your mobile communication strategy from end to end, or provide subject matter expertise at any stage of your initiative.