UDig Welcomes Prescott Nichols to Spearhead Financial Services Vertical, Aims to Double Revenue

UDig, a technology consulting firm, is excited to announce the addition of Prescott Nichols to its team. Nichols, an accomplished leader with over 25 years in financial services, joins UDig in a pivotal role aimed at expanding the company’s reach in the financial sector.

Prescott Nichols brings a wealth of experience to UDig with a proven track record of leadership with both Capital One and USAA. Over his distinguished career, he has successfully led transformative initiatives in digital and agile transformation, business and data analysis, and strategic planning, making him a valuable asset to UDig’s expansion efforts in the financial sector.

When asked about his decision to join UDig, Nichols shared, “I’ve always been drawn to companies with a hunger for growth, those that reach beyond their perceived limitations. UDig struck me as a place where my experience in financial services could really make an impact. It felt comfortable and familiar right from the start.”

Nichols is particularly enthusiastic about the potential within the financial services vertical for UDig. “UDig’s unique value proposition within data sets us apart in a fragmented consulting market. The opportunity for growth and impact here is immense,” Nichols commented.

UDig’s CEO, Andy Frank, has a clear and ambitious vision for UDig’s newest team member. “Our priority is to make a tangible impact, doubling our financial services revenue this year. The financial services sector is full of opportunities, and our approach is tailored to understand and solve their unique business problems. We’re building trusted partnerships and offering solutions that accelerate digital transformation strategies.”

UDig provides expertise and strategic guidance to financial organizations aiming to streamline operations, elevate customer experiences, and maintain a competitive edge. Learn more at udig.com/financial-services/ or connect with Prescott on LinkedIn.