2023 Analytics Summit

October 2, 2023

Nashville, TN

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Enough Chat, Let’s Build Something Useful with ChatGPT

In February 2023, just two months after launch, ChatGPT reached 100 million monthly active users, making it the fastest growing consumer application in history. The capabilities that ChatGPT, AI, and Large Language Models (LLM) encompass have brought significant disruptive possibilities to the market. Are you getting left behind?

Don’t worry, the massive leap in productivity enabled by these tools isn’t just available to PHDs and advanced developers, we can all see benefit by adopting these tools. In this session, we will provide a hands-on demonstration of how to leverage these tools by building a sample application from scratch. No prior coding experience is needed, this presentation will be appropriate for all skills levels.

This event has already happened, but we’d be happy to share the code from the presentation. Contact us for the link.

About The Author

Kevin is an experienced data warehousing and business intelligence professional. He is skilled in ETL, data modeling and has exposure to many technology platforms including Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. His technical background and focus on communication ensure high-quality solutions are delivered to meet business needs.