Nashville Analytics Summit

September 29, 2022

Nashville, TN

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Accelerating Your Data Roadmap via Targeted POCs

Getting your organization to support building new data capabilities is challenging. You need support for investment, executive stakeholders willing to take some risk, and a good team to deliver on new technologies. Learn how to accelerate your data roadmap, reduce risk, give your team hands-on experience with new tech, and get buy-in for investment via targeted proofs of concept (POC). In this session, we will outline how to drive the advancement of your data capabilities through POCs and provide a couple of real-world examples of them in practice. The session will also highlight a few tools and techniques to reduce the time to market with your POC.

About The Author

Reid, SVP of Data and Analytics at UDig, is a long-time data professional with experience at multiple Fortune 500 companies. Most recently, he was the Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Markel. Prior to that he held multiple roles at Capital One including VP of Data Engineering.

About The Author

Kevin is an experienced data warehousing and business intelligence professional. He is skilled in ETL, data modeling and has exposure to many technology platforms including Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. His technical background and focus on communication ensure high-quality solutions are delivered to meet business needs.