2023 CU|Lytics Summit

April 10-13 2023

Redmond, WA


Data Analytics for Bigger Outcomes

We’re thrilled to sponsor the 2023 CU|Lytics Summit and connect with Credit Union leaders from across the country.

UDig is a technology consulting firm that enables your business with modern solutions through data, automation, and custom software.

Do you know the story your data is telling you? Accelerate member success by driving value through your data. Harness the power of your data to deepen your understanding of member needs and direct your investment dollars to what matters most to members.

Simplifying big ideas into simple solutions is what we do. Learn more by digging into our work:


About The Author

Reid, SVP of Data and Analytics at UDig, is a long-time data professional with experience at multiple Fortune 500 companies. Most recently, he was the Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Markel. Prior to that he held multiple roles at Capital One including VP of Data Engineering.