Enterprise Data World 2021

APRIL 22, 2021


From Roadmap to Execution: A Data Transformation Year One Retrospective

This presentation will be delivered by Eric Pearson, SVP Core Banking and Data Manager at Enterprise Bank, and Steve MacLauchlan, Director of Data at UDig. Together, they developed a strategic roadmap for Enterprise Bank’s data transformation journey in early 2019. The bank has since enjoyed a high level of interest and engagement from stakeholders across the organization and can look back on one year of progress. They’ll share some of the quick and iterative wins they’ve experienced in the business as they continue through their transformation. This presentation will be a practical, real-world discussion of data strategy and data governance in action.

Topics will include:

  • Reality versus expectation
  • The culture shift and how to get the organization excited about data
  • Balancing competing requirements for data standards
  • Importance of developing a roadmap
  • Unexpected challenges and benefits
  • Interesting anecdotes from the front lines of data management

About The Presenter

Steve MacLauchlan is the Director of Data in Richmond. More than anything, he loves solving problems collaboratively with our clients and building lasting relationships. He believes data is the key to the future, and the ability to leverage it is paramount to remaining competitive.