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In the complex world of insurance, where technology rapidly evolves and client needs continuously shift, our team combines deep technology knowledge with practical insurance experience to navigate these challenges. With a proven track record across diverse sectors, including PEOs, carriers, brokers, MGA/MGU, and mutuals, we right-size solutions to align with the maturity curve, ensuring positive outcomes in our client partnerships.

How We Partner with You

Elevate Customer Experiences

Enhance your organization by optimizing customer experience through user-friendly digital interfaces and personalized engagement solutions. By leveraging technology for seamless interactions, insurers can foster increased customer satisfaction and trust, ultimately driving positive business outcomes.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Reduce your expense ratio by streamlining high-touch and manual processes, such as underwriting, with intelligent automation. Automation can contribute directly to lowering costs and improving overall financial performance.

Leverage Insightful Analytics

In the insurance industry, data isn’t just an asset — it’s the cornerstone of informed decision-making. Utilize crucial data like claim trends, risk profiles, and customer behaviors to drive smarter decisions in areas like policy pricing, fraud detection, and customer segmentation.   

Improve Risk Management

Insurance is the only product sold where you don’t know its cost at the time of sale. What it ends up costing depends on how well you manage risks. Being able to generate and act on deep data insights around risk allows you to more confidently deliver a profitable product to support your customers. 

“The biggest value I have found to working with the UDig team is they get insurance. Very little ramp up and education needed prior to exploring best practices to manage and apply our data. They are an invaluable strategic partner who have helped us stay ahead of our peers.”

-  Paul Hughes, Principal, Libertate Insurance Services

Drive Profitability with AI

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Streamlined Reporting and Reliably Measuring KPIs for Insurance Agency

An insurance agency wanted to better understand its member-population to provide the best possible service. To do that, they required accurate data relating to organizational KPIs, including membership renewals. Manual processes and siloed data systems demanded a centralized platform. Our team built a centralized data platform providing accessible, accurate data. The insurance analysts now spend significantly less time creating reports to provide insights on executive-level KPIs.


Increased Efficiency and Improved Customer Experience through Modern Web Application

A fortune 500 specialty insurer previously relied on a reporting application in Excel to handle a variety of business cases. The legacy system needed to be modernized to accommodate a wider variety of business needs. UDig created a modern, scalable web application the allows users to pull and manipulate all their data in one convenient place, both on and off the company network.