Enable Efficient Journeys

Transporting goods efficiently and seamlessly is an integral part of your business. This requires aligning your technology investments with your business goals to ensure everything arrives where it needs to at the time it should. Whether developing a strategy to maximize existing technology investments, modernizing a legacy application, building data capabilities to provide insights to business stakeholders, or leveraging automation tools to gain operational efficiencies, UDig will partner with you on your technology journey.  

How We Partner with Logistics Organizations

Technology Strategy

Define a comprehensive technology strategy that leverages your data to drive your business. Combining our expertise in strategy with a collaborative approach, we help logistics organizations evaluate and select technology and data solutions that improve operational efficiency and drive growth. We can deliver a strategy that makes the most of your existing platforms.

Data & Analytics

Apply data insights to optimize operations and improve decisionmaking to ensure people and goods arrive efficiently. Elevate your customer experience by providing tracking and data on shipments. From initial discovery and analysis to execution and knowledge transfer, our team will help you make the most of your data.

Intelligent Automation

Leverage automation to streamline processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs. We can complete the process analysis, automation design and development, testing, and implementation to automate routine, manual tasks. With our expertise in automation, transportation and logistics organizations can achieve significant cost savings and operational improvements 

Application Modernization & Integration

Accelerate growth, create business agility, and improve customer and employee experiences by simplifying and modernizing your application environment. Our team will take the time to understand your business goals and requirements, develop a plan that aligns people and technology, and develop solutions with longstanding value. 

I engaged UDig to help IMC modernize and transform a legacy invoice audit/dispute application that was not scaling to meet our growing business. UDig came in helped us perform a gap analysis, build a project plan, and augmented our development team to architect and build a modern service-oriented application that now scales to audit 20K+ equipment rental invoices per week. UDig’s team was very professional and a pleasure to work with. If you have any future projects that require extra help, I highly recommend that you consider UDig.

-  Joel Tracy, CIO, IMC Companies

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Improving Efficiency by Automating Accounts Payable Processes for Logistics Organization

A logistics organization sought a better solution to a time-consuming accounts payable process. The team processed 5,000 incoming vendor invoices monthly through a shared inbox. Their team turned to UDig for a better solution to improve this mundane, repeatable process through intelligent automation. The invoice automation now saves the team 5 minutes per invoice (3,083 hours per year), freeing up 30% of their time to focus on more value-add tasks.  



Building a Foundation for Turning KPIs Into Powerful Decisions for Western Express

Western Express recognized the urgency to improve the robustness around how they capture, manage, and analyze data. Requiring strong foundation, they turned to UDig to help them build  a rich data environment that provides a strong framework for future metrics and allows for quicker business decisions. They also can now empower their in-house team to drive data forward.