State Government

Elevate your Citizen Experience

Citizen expectations for services are increasing; can you deliver? Relieve frustrations for citizens and create a seamless experience with modern, innovative solutions. With over a decade of experience partnering with state agencies, UDig develops modern applications to improve citizen experiences, leverages data to collect actionable insights, and automates mundane processes to improve operational efficiencies for your teams.  

How We Partner with State Agencies

Modern Citizen Experience

Simplify and modernize software applications to break down silos and create a seamless experience for your citizens. Our team will take the time to understand the strategic goals of your agency and develop a plan that aligns people and technology to develop user-friendly, efficient solutions with longstanding value.

Legislative Responses

Make informed decisions by leveraging modern digital platforms and data solutions to provide answers to legislative requests quickly. Our consultants are an extension of your team, accelerating your ability to meet changing legislative demands with confidence.

Data & Analytics

To provide a meaningful digital experience for your citizens, your technology needs to leverage the data you’re capturing and turn it into actionable insights. UDig can help you leverage your data to improve citizen service levels and comply with legislation. From initial discovery and analysis to execution, our team will help you make the most of your data. 

Process Automation

Leverage automation to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. Automate repetitive, time-consuming processes to give team members more time to focus on tasks that directly support strategic goals for the state. With our expertise in automation, state organizations can achieve significant cost savings and operational improvements.

Quantify the ROI on your next project before it starts

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Streamlined Business Processes and Improved User Experience for Legislation Management

As strategic partners, we worked with our client to design and build a flexible, collaborative tool that transforms how state governments manage the legislative process. The custom legislative management system improves user experience and complements the paper-driven legislative process. The web-based solution eliminates redundant processes, removes manual document creation, and boosts drafting efficiency while saving time for all involved parties.


Centralized Approach to Data Quality Increases Visibility into Process Bottlenecks for State Agency

Ongoing data quality issues created bottlenecks in business processes and an overall lack of internal data trust for a state agency. Our team completed a modernization effort to create a centralized data repository enabling the organization to be hyper datadriven and establish a data governance program to raise the standard of data quality to improve internal business processes and provide better customer service.