Prototype Delivered to Innovation Department at Federal Credit Union

The innovation department at a federal credit union sought to design a creative lead generation tool and determined volunteers in the community presented a viable pool of potential new customers. UDig was engaged to build an application that improved the lines of communication between volunteers and the organizations with which they were volunteering, while also providing the credit union with valuable contact information that could be used to leverage those users as leads for the business.



Create a prototype lead generation tool for federal credit union that supports local community.


Design an application that leverages volunteer base at state and local entities while improving the quality of their volunteering experience.


A community-focused prototype application that streamlines communications between organizations and volunteers.

The prototype has provided the innovation team with valuable insight into the efficacy of their idea and its application within their business.


Because volunteers engaging with local government were eligible to become members of the federal credit union, the innovation department recognized there might be opportunity in targeting this demographic as potential new customers. They were also compelled to create a tool that supported the local community and as such, wanted to pursue prototyping an application that was geared towards improving the experience for volunteers and the organizations for which they were volunteering.  

Volunteers had historically experienced frustrations in feeling uninformed on the logistics surrounding the events at which they were volunteering. There were commonly miscommunications between the organizations and their volunteers often resulting in a negative experience and reducing the likelihood that they’d volunteer their time again in the future. Furthermore, volunteers who were uncertain of which events they should pursue didn’t have a quick and easy resource to identify the organizations best suited to their interests and availability. In general, there were several barriers to volunteering that deterred people from donating their time.  


The credit union had completed extensive user research prior to engaging UDig which helped to inform our overall design; however, upon working with stakeholders and gaining a broader understanding of the goals of the application, we were able to recommend several additional features for consideration. The application was intended to function as one ecosystem for all parties involved in the volunteering process.  Additional features included capturing volunteers’ interests and willingness to travel and subsequently generating recommendations to volunteers based on those responses. We also streamlined the onboarding process to capture the most relevant information while simultaneously minimizing the barriers to entry for using the application.  

The UDig Software Engineering team followed the standard process of reviewing requirements, building wireframes and creating high-fidelity designs in building the prototype. We utilized Flinto as a tool to enable basic functionality within the application and allow for more meaningful testing in the field.  

The prototype has provided the innovation team with valuable insight into the efficacy of their idea and its application within their business. Partnering with the Software Engineering team to explore the concept produced a quick and well-designed solution without having to make significant time or monetary investments.  

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