Redeveloped forms built in open-source tech stack align to the university’s modernization initiatives as part of their upgrade to a newer version of their Enterprise Resource System, Banner.


On the tails of a large public Virginia university upgrading their Enterprise Resource System, Banner, from version 8 to 9 came a great opportunity to modernize even further. Moving from Banner 8 to Banner 9 provided an improved look and feel and a responsive infrastructure for its user base of both students and faculty. This migration left behind over twenty forms built in Oracle Forms and used for various operational tasks throughout the university. Working closely with the university’s Banner platform team, UDig delivered the forms in modern web technologies. The new forms aligned with the newer design of Banner 9 as well as offering the benefits of single sign-on authentication and an overall improved user experience. Being used university-wide, it was critical that there be as little disruption as possible. UDig was engaged to facilitate this transition by re-developing each form from its previous tech stack, Oracle Form Builder, to a more modern, open-source tech stack using PHP and JQuery.

The new forms align with the newer design of Banner 9 and offer the benefits of single sign-on authentication and an overall improved user experience.


Transitioning every form required a thorough understanding of the rules and criteria that applied to each form individually – the form’s functionality, accessibility, security, etc. Ongoing communication with key stakeholders provided the necessary information on a granular level, and regular status meetings allowed for prioritizing, testing, accuracy and completion of the forms component of the Banner 9 upgrade within a tight timeline.

At least 17 departments at the university have benefited from the more centralized and modern platform and have been relieved of some of the frustrations that accompany legacy technology.

Technologies Used:

  • JQuery
  • Oracle Form Builder
  • Oracle Database
  • PHP