A Tourism Organization saw immediate impact and return on investment from their selection of Tableau, an industry leading BI tool by partnering with UDig for guidance, training and dashboard development.


  • The client had recently purchased Tableau but needed assistance with foundational user training, the creation of proof-of-concept dashboards, and reporting requirements collection.
  • Additionally, to validate feasibility of Tableau as the tool of choice to execute the organization’s BI strategy the organization needed guidance on which data sources will work as-is and which might require further integration/warehousing.
Dashboards as functional proof-of-concept reports and hands-on training for skills needed to work with the client’s specific data sets yielded immediate ROI on the BI tool.


UDig conducted a BI requirements and current state assessment by conducting stakeholder interviews.  Outputs included: summary of findings; business requirements documentation; systems drawing detailing data flows, data sources and how they relate; and an index of data sources with associated metadata.

UDig worked with the client’s data team to develop dashboards as functional proof-of-concept reports along with targeted hands-on training for skills specifically needed to work with the client’s specific data sets.

UDig also developed a high-level roadmap and data source index enrichment for suggested future tasks and projects.

Technology Used:

  • Tableau